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    10 Fail-Proof Outfit Formulas to Make You Look Like a Fashion Icon at Any Age

    Every fashion blogger, stylist, and high school student with an Instagram account seems to know how to style themselves perfectly in fall—but what’s their secret? What’s the formula they use to create outfits that make them look effortlessly put together every season? Well, you don’t have to be a fashion insider or an Instagram star to be confident in your outfit choices, but you do need this fail-proof formula that will help you look great in any season, no matter how old you are! With the right outfit combinations, you can look chic at any age!

    1) The classic trousers + blazer look

    PC :

    This is such a versatile look, as it can be worn with heels or flats and change drastically depending on the length of the blazer, or what you put underneath it (sweater? turtleneck?). This look is always appropriate for work, date night or an evening out. A camel-colored belted trench from Burberry fits the bill perfectly.

    1. Dresses + a jacket:
      I’ve never been one for dresses and skirts, but now that I’m in my late 20s I’m realizing how useful they are! They’re great when you want to feel girly but also wear them with sneakers or ankle boots for daywear. Plus, this combo makes getting dressed so much easier because then all I have to do is choose which jacket looks best on me and voila – I’m ready!

    2) Crop top + jeans + overcoat


    A white button-down shirt paired with denim jeans is often the perfect outfit for fall. To elevate this look, add an overcoat for extra warmth and chicness. It’s especially ideal for when it gets chilly in the evenings. Matching shoes are not necessary; comfortable ones will do just fine! In addition, don’t forget a light trench coat when you’re out and about or going on errands during the day or early evening.

    3) Pleated skirt + leather jacket + oxfords

    PC : The Good Stuff

    This is one of my go-to fall outfits because it’s easy to pull off and looks fabulous with black tights and knee-high boots. For maximum impact, you can add statement jewelry or trendy sneakers that give the look an edgier vibe.
    Leather jackets are a must have during the fall season so consider investing in one that has versatility so you can wear it into winter too.

    4) Jersey dress + cardigan + scarf

    PC :

    The length of the cardigan can depend on the length of the jersey dress. (i.e. A shorter dress would be paired with a shorter cardigan, and vice versa). When it comes to color palette, neutrals work well as they match most sweaters and scarves while also leaving room for more adventurous seasonal additions in fall. Finish off the look with your favorite pair of leggings or tights and you’re good to go!

    5) Leather leggings + tank top + boots
    Finding the perfect leather leggings can take an eternity, but once you find the perfect pair of these stretchy, sleek pieces of clothing you will never want to wear anything else. Mix them with a trendy tank top, knee high boots or riding boots and you are ready for any adventure in style.

    1) Denim on denim is always timeless.

    2) Black and white striped turtleneck with ripped jeans: There’s no denying that black and white stripes look good together, even if you’re wearing denim on denim. Add a cute turtleneck sweater that gives off major chic vibes (look for something patterned or striped too!) over your favorite ripped jeans and finish it off with combat boots or lace up heels.

    3) Striped shirt + red pants: A lot of people shy away from this color combo because they think it doesn’t work well together.

    6) Shirt dresses are the best in fall
    Dress like you know what you’re doing with this chic but cozy dress that is perfect for fall and winter. Keep it classic by pairing with pumps and pearls, or go trendier by throwing on some chunky heeled boots and adding in earrings or necklaces that pop. Whatever way you wear it, the shirt dress is absolutely necessary for any woman’s closet this season!

    7) Dressy sweatshirt + tights + booties are awesome for fall events
    But dressy sweatshirt + tights + booties are not just for your aunt’s Thanksgiving. This look can carry you from fall events to winter parties, especially when you bring the temperature down with some sparkle in your accessories.
    Maybe they should be called dressy loungewear because they are really just the best of both worlds—functional and fancy!

    8) Leggings can be paired with anything you want for fall comfort and style
    Wearing leggings is an absolute must this fall. Paired with classic booties, you can look trendy and comfortable. For dressier occasions, try tucking a long sweater over your leggings to avoid drafty air sneaking up on your legs. Worn with ankle boots, leggings can make your legs look long and toned. Pairing them with tall leather boots or pumps will make your outfit look feminine and polished in the evening.

    9) Comfy slippers are life after 40 – fall rule of thumb!
    Here are some wardrobe building blocks every woman needs after 40:

    1) A fabulous pair of boots. Whether you’re in the mood for calf high, knee high or ankle, find your style and get them! They will elevate any look instantly.

    2) Comfy slippers: Unless you want to wear shoes all day, you’ll need an alternative. And they don’t have to be anything fancy – just make sure they’re cute and comfy!

    10) Hot water bottle is your friend in all seasons, including fall. Just saying 🙂
    I’ll admit that I’m lucky because my skin has been relatively wrinkle free (even if it is aged) for most of my life. But fall doesn’t always feel so good. There’s less light, the air is drier, and the leaves can give off an odor that some find unpleasant. So here are 10 fail-proof outfit formulas to make you look like a fashion icon at any age. They’re guaranteed!

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