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    3 Tricks to Untangle Even the Most Knotted Necklaces

    No matter how many necklaces you wear or if you wear them all at once, it’s very likely you’ll end up with them all tangled up at some point. Whether they’re carried in your purse when travelling, resting on your vanity, or hanging around your neck, necklace chains tend to get tangled and become a hassle to deal with.

    After a particularly frustrating knotted-necklace snafu, we decided to try a few other solutions. These three tips will help you untangle necklaces, so you’ll never have to wear your favorite pieces when they’re tangled up. These hacks are quick, easy, and likely already exist in your home. You don’t have to let tangled necklaces slow you down anymore; follow these tips and you’ll be on your way in no time.

    One tip is to apply baby oil

    With a cotton swab, apply baby oil to the knot. Make sure that you don’t oil the chains, because it will make them slick and easier to come undone. If the knot remains tight, gently massage it until you begin to feel it loosen. Now that you’ve unraveled the knot, you can rinse the necklace of any baby oil using a mild soap.

    Second Tip: Insert a straight pin

    Insert a straight pin into the knot’s center, then pull gently until the chains that your fingers can’t reach are separated. You may have to do this several times to loosen up particularly complex knots. Be sure not to come too close to the opening of the necklace or you may risk breaking it.

    Thired Tip: Shake Some Baby Powder On.

    Apply baby powder to the knot. The lubricant will make it easier to pull apart the chains. After untangling the necklace, rinse the powder off with a mild soap.

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