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    4 Radical Styling Ideas For Your Red Ombre Hair

    You were drawn to the colour red, and now you’re sporting a red ombre – you definitely want to show off your new hair colour. So, here are some stylish ways to style your red ombre hair!

    An ombre is a hair colour trend in which your hair is dark at the roots but progressively fades to a lighter tint. When it comes to ombre, you can experiment with more than one hue, making it ideal if you want to colour your hair red. Red has many lovely tones, including ruby, crimson, cherry, blood, and scarlet. You can also experiment with these tones to create an ombre effect.

    Red Edged Ombre

    PC: Style Craze

    To stand out from the crowd, use a little of colour simply on the margins of your red ombre appearance. This vibrant red ombre is ideal for a long bob that doesn’t want to be overpowered by too much colour. A jet black foundation will also serve as an excellent canvas for this look.

    Cherry Red Delight

    PC: Pinterest

    Curls can enhance the appearance of any ombre colour job. Of course, they look just as good on red-toned ombre styles. This brilliant cherry red tint provides a massive splash of colour to monochrome brown hair and creates a punk rock trendy style.

    Magenta Toned Red Ombre

    PC: Pinterest

    Jet black hair is the ideal canvas for any brightly coloured ombre you wish to try. And it works exceptionally well with flaming reds. On straight black hair, try a red ombre with a subtle magenta undertone to look like a real bombshell.

    Coral Red Obsession

    PC: Interest

    If bright red tones aren’t your thing, a mellow orange toned red will do the trick. This coral red ombre begins high up on medium length brown hair and falls into some luscious curls. I’m not sure about you, but I can’t take my eyes off this colour look.

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