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    5 Acne-Fighting Drinks to Add to Your Diet

    If you suffer from chronic acne, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be. Not only does it affect your self-esteem and make it impossible to completely cover up with makeup, but it also interferes with your life in other ways as well, such as making it harder to get to sleep at night because of the discomfort and leaving you feeling vulnerable in certain social situations where you don’t want people looking at your face too closely. If you want to be able to avoid these problems, one simple solution is to start including these five effective anti acne drinks in your diet every day!

    1) Green Tea

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    Green tea is more than just a hot beverage – it’s also great for your skin! Studies have shown that green tea can help fight acne by reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. Plus, the antioxidants in green tea can help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. To get the most benefit, drink at least two cups of green tea per day.

    2) Aloe Vera Juice

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    Not only does aloe vera juice help soothe sunburns, but it can also be helpful in treating acne. The plant contains two hormones — auxin and gibberellins — that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it an effective acne treatment. Aloe vera juice is also hydrating, which can help keep skin moisturized and prevent dryness, a common cause of acne. To use, simply drink aloe vera juice daily or apply it topically to the affected area.

    3) Papaya Juice

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    Papaya juice is often lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful in treating acne. The enzymes in papaya can help to break down dead skin cells and remove them from the surface of the skin. Papaya also contains antioxidants that can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. To make a papaya juice acne treatment, simply blend together one cup of chopped papaya, one cup of water, and one tablespoon of honey. Drink this mixture once daily for best results.

    4) Carrot Juice


    If you’re looking for an effective and natural way to fight acne, carrot juice may be a good option for you. Carrot juice is packed with nutrients that can help improve your skin health, including beta-carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Drinking carrot juice can help improve your skin’s elasticity, reduce inflammation, and fight off free radicals that can damage your skin. Plus, the high water content in carrot juice can help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. To get the most benefit from drinking carrot juice, aim for two to three cups per day.

    5) Watermelon Juice

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    Watermelon juice is one of the most effective anti acne drinks out there. Not only does it help improve your skin’s hydration, but it also contains lycopene, which has been shown to reduce sebum production and inflammation. To make watermelon juice, simply blend together watermelon, lemon juice, and honey. You can drink it as is or add it to your favorite smoothie recipe.

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