Thursday, March 30, 2023

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    5 Fabulous and Fresh Outfit Ideas to Rock This Season

    Let’s be honest. When it comes to putting together a chic and cool outfit, even the most fashionable among us occasionally need a little extra inspiration. I take great pride in my ability to put together outfits as an editor. Not to brag, but it sort of comes with the job to be able to put together a look that is 10 out of 10. However, I’ve been getting a little tired of my styling lately. I’m always looking for great new pieces, especially with all the exciting events I have coming up, but occasionally I get uninspired by the stack of recent arrivals in my apartment. I adore everything I’ve been ordering, but the trick is to put it all together in the most upscale and chic way possible. Five of the looks I’ve seen really stand out in my opinion. All five outfit suggestions look stylish and cool while also being incredibly simple to put together, which are two qualities I always look for in a great outfit.

    Tall Boots + Miniskirt + Lots of Layers

    PC: The Chic Pursuit

    We can confidently say that layering season has arrived. This outfit is understated yet stylish. Chase completes the look perfectly by adding a splash of red and teaming the straightforward ensemble with some complicated-looking knee-high boots. This outfit will be mine the entire weekend.

    Bolero + Miniskirt + High Socks + Ballet Flats

    PC: Pinterest

    Something about this balletcore-inspired style feels simultaneously trendy and cool. The tiny bolero looks adorable and very “ballet dancer off duty” when worn with a miniskirt and ballet flats. My favourite.

    Denim Maxi Skirt + Fitted Tee + Jacket

    PC: Who What Wear

    Those who enjoy a subdued statement look should definitely try this look. Even though denim skirts are a staple that almost everyone owns, they look cooler when worn with a maxi or midi hemline. I adore how Emili styled this outfit; keep an eye out for my take on it on Instagram.

    4.Button-Down + Logo Sweater + Tall Boots

    PC: who What Wear

    I’ve been really into logo cardigans lately. I especially like how Emma gave this Miu Miu cardigan a prep-school vibe by pairing it with tall boots and a button-down shirt. I have a soft spot in my heart for the strikingly coloured Miu Miu sweater that is listed below.

    1. Statement Maxi Dress + Architectural Bag
    PC: Who What wear

    This particular Réalisation dress has won the hearts of countless fashion enthusiasts, and I can see why. It’s amazing. If you’re afraid to stand out, this dress might not be for you since a printed maxi dress like this commands attention when you walk into a room.

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