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    5 Nail trends to sizzle up your summer look

    Nail art trends change just as quickly as fashion trends do, so it’s essential to keep up on what’s new in the world of nails if you want to look fashionable at all times. That’s why we’ve rounded up seven of the hottest nail trends from nail artists around the globe that we think will be sure to make your hands and feet look fresh this summer. Just don’t forget to take them off before you go back to school or head back to work!

    3D Nails

    Image Source: stylecraze

    Nail artists are creating insane 3D nail art on Instagram – and it’s here to stay. They’re only getting more creative, says Humphrey, who says that new technology and products are enabling nail technicians to push the boundaries of 3D design even further. Here are some IG accounts to follow for #selfie inspiration: Cam Tran, Soji Nails, and, of course, Amanda Humphrey.

    Airbrush Effect

    Image Source: Body art

    Summer is all about Mei Kawajiri’s (also known as @nailsbymei) airbrushed nails, and they are her go-to when it comes to applying additional 3D nail art. The airbrushing technique, which was very popular in the ‘90s and ‘00s, creates a sprayed-on look, says Humphrey, who also loves the technique.

    Nail glow

    Image Source: Rainy on Beauty

    Summer is a great time to go au naturel for the manicure. It’s a process that includes a file and buff, complemented by regular use of a cuticle oil, but how about adding a subtle glow? By using a polish with a sheer tint, you can achieve the effect of a dewy highlighter on your nails: it brings the nail plate to life – Essie’s Hard To Resist in Pink Tint is a must-have in Humphrey’s kit. it not only makes nails have a more luxurious, vibrant color, but it’s also a treatment that strengthens them. My vote’s in favor.

    Italian manicure

    Image Source: Quora

    One of this year’s major trends is the Italian manicure, a trend which involves nails with the illusion of length to make them look like they are longer. Instagrammer Alexandra Teleki, known as @TheHotBlend on Instagram, has been experimenting with different blends and methods. Not only have I been using block colours, I’ve also been adding negative space shapes, swirls and flowers this summer, for summer, she likes to wear pastel blue, lilac, and light green.

    Coffin shape

    Image Source: pinterest

    Even the most familiar manicure shades can be refreshed with a change in nail shape. The demand for coffin nails is on the rise, says Teleki. coffin nails allow you to elongate your nails since they taper at the sides.” If you’re looking for a fresh new way to approach your manicure, this is the shape to try.

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