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    5 of the Best Mascaras of All Time According to Allure Editors

    Everyone and their grandmothers treat you like a living, breathing beauty encyclopaedia when your place of employment happens to be Allure; this isn’t a humblebrag; it’s just the fact. The greatest mascara is without a doubt one of the most commonly discussed topics, and there isn’t a day that goes by that at least one random person doesn’t ask us, “What is your favourite [insert cosmetic product here]?”. They all want to know precisely what prevents our lashes from flaking, crusting, and webbing while yet resembling false ones.

    Although some of us experiment with procedures like lash extensions or lash lifts, we all have our go-to mascara bottles that we frequently replenish. For a raised and fanning-out appearance, some of our top options could be curling mascaras, while other Allure editors like one of the finest waterproof mascaras for a smudge-proof finish. Whatever outcomes you’re aiming for, chances are we already know which mascara you’ll

    1) Caliray Come Hell or High Water Volumizing Tubing Mascara

    PC: Sephora

    The conditioning argan oil and tube technology used in Caliray’s Come Hell or High Water Volumizing Tubing Mascara make it water-resistant while yet easily removing at the end of the day. Additionally, because it contains film-forming chemicals, lashes appear particularly long and voluminous, which is precisely why it won a 2022 Best of Beauty Award.

    2) Sephora Collection Big By Definition Mascara


    Everything you could possibly desire in a volumizing mascara is in one purple tube, including a tonne of oomph and outstanding definition, without any needless fuss like clumping.

    We included it in our October Allure Beauty Box since we adore it so much. For just $23, you can get the Allure Beauty Box here, which gives you access to even more editor picks.

    3) Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara

    PC: Ubuy india

    Two-time Allure Readers’ Choice Award winner, the Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara provides your lashes with a volumizing, thickening, jet-black formula. With its dual-sided brush, this flutter-inducing mascara can evenly distribute the formula and remove clumps for perfectly defined lashes.

    4) Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Pow Mascara

    PC: Hok Makeup

    Get the Revolution Beauty Makeup Revolution 5D Lash Pow Mascara for just $10. This 2022 Best of Beauty winner gives the appearance of false lashes with just a few coats and adds volume, thickness, and length to each tiny lash.

    5) Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara

    PC: Ubuy India

    Selena Gomez’s cosmetics line, Rare Beauty, is the one that best argues in favour of celebrity-endorsed beauty firms. A prime example is the Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara, a conditioning product with castor oil included that was so outstanding that it was given the Allure Readers’ Choice Award in 2022. Because of its mess-free applicator and cutting-edge brush head, commerce editor Sarah Han claims it to be one of the most flattering mascaras available.

    She previously wrote for Allure, “The application technique is smooth from start to finish and the broad brush hooks onto each individual lash with ease. “I quickly curl my lashes, but I don’t even need to use a lash primer before applying this intensely dark, long-lasting formula.

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