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    5 Stunning Honey Blonde Hair Colors & Steps To Follow

    If you prefer to keep things classy and sophisticated, we have some fantastic honey blonde hair colour choices for you. This rich, warm blonde with yellow undertones complements all complexion tones with warm undertones. Honey blonde hair is popular among celebrities ranging from Beyonce and Jessica Alba to Gisele Bundchen. You can wear this hair colour even if you are not a famous celebrity. This fantastic golden hair colour may spruce up your hair, regardless of its texture or length. However, knowing how to style your honey blonde hair from the comfort of your own home would be advantageous. This post contains 30 of the best styling ideas for honey blonde hair colour.

    But first, let’s look at how to colour your hair honey blonde at home without making a mess. Continue reading!

    How To Color Your Hair Honey Blonde

    • Put on an old t-shirt that you don’t mind getting hair dye on.
    • Brush your hair to remove all knots and tangles.
    • Part your hair horizontally first, then vertically, to create four portions.
    • Roll and clip three pieces of your hair, leaving the one you wish to colour first free.
    • Apply Vaseline around your hairline and around your ears to keep the colour from staining your skin.
    • Wear your rubber or plastic gloves. Your hair colouring box may contain a pair.
    • Follow the directions on the box and properly combine the hair dye and developer in a mixing basin.
    • Picking up half-inch sections of hair at a time, begin applying the hair colour with the brush directly from your roots.
    • Pull the dye through the length of your hair with a comb, adding more colour as needed, until you’ve reached the ends.
    • Repeat until you’ve applied the honey blonde hair colour to all four portions of your hair.
      Allow the dye to sit for the time specified on the box.
    • Wash your hair with warm water until the colour is completely removed and the water runs clean.
    • Allow an hour before shampooing your hair. Use a shampoo designed specifically for dyed blonde hair and condition it with the conditioner that came with the hair colour box.

    Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

    Eclipted Honey Blonde

    PC: pinterest

    What the hell is a ‘eclipt,’ you ask? It’s the new hair colour trend that’s taking off! Eclipting is the practise of dyeing your hair in contrasting hues to frame your face. To compliment the face features, honey blonde streaks over a dusty brown background have been used.

    Multidimensional Honey Blonde

    PC: Ecemella

    With this hair, you’ll have the entire world wrapped around your little finger. This style’s dark blonde foundation has been accentuated with some light honey blonde at the ends to add some wonderful depth to the overall look. This hair style, styled in curls, is a kaleidoscope of blonde colours.

    Chocolate Brown And Honey Blonde Balayage

    PC: Hair Motive

    This balayage look can add a pop of colour to your dark hair. The chocolate brown base colour serves as an excellent canvas for hand painting honey blonde highlights. To say the least, the contrast between the chocolate and honey tones is striking.

    Honey Blonde Shadow Root

    PC: Love Hairstyles

    I understand if you prefer a more natural approach to your hair colour. As a result, a shadow root will be ideal for you. To create a naturally sun-lightened effect, go for a medium brown shade at the roots (or leave them your original dark shade) and colour the rest of your hair tones of honey blonde and ash blonde.

    Auburn Honey Blonde Balayage

    PC: itakeyou

    Let’s take it easy at first, shall we? If a full head of blonde hair is not your style, a balayage will be ideal. This warm toned balayage begins with a beautiful deep shade of red on top and transitions into a caramel brown before ending with honey blonde to produce a stunning hair style.

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