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    5 Ways to Get Fluffy, Voluminous Hair According to a Professional Stylist

    Fluffy, voluminous hair has become trendy in recent years, with celebrities and social media influencers posting beautiful selfies of themselves with billowy locks covering their shoulders and cascading down the front of their faces. While it’s possible to achieve the look on your own by spending hours of blow drying and curling your hair, it’s not necessary if you know what you’re doing! Here are five tips from a stylist who specializes in making her clients look like they just came back from the salon.

    1) Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner
    Volumizing shampoo and conditioner are often used as part of volumizing hair treatments. These products can be found at your local salon or health store. They typically contain ingredients that create volume by adding lift to the hair shafts.
    If you’re having trouble finding the right product for your hair type, ask your stylist for advice. They’ll be able to tell you what is best for you based on how often you wash your hair, how dry it is and how much product buildup it has.

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    2) Try a dry shampoo
    If you have oily hair, try using dry shampoo in your roots and around the crown. This will soak up excess oil in your scalp and give your hair more volume. Apply it liberally at the root of your strands, then use a comb or brush to work it through to the ends of your locks. Next, spray with hairspray for an extra boost.

    3) Tease your hair
    Fluffing up flat hair is not as easy as it sounds. What can make the difference? The right styling products. Here are five ways you can get voluminous hair according to a professional stylist:

    1. Comb your hair back and away from your face with some dry shampoo on your fingertips and then work in some texturizing spray or dry shampoo so that the product builds up on your roots.
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    4) Use velcro rollers
    Velcro rollers are a quick and easy way to give your hair that voluminous blow-dried look. All you have to do is wrap sections of hair around the roller and wait until it dries. Velcro rollers work best on straight or curly hair and will add volume at the roots. They can also be used as an overnight treatment for frizzy hair, or as an alternative for people who can’t use heat on their locks often.

    5) Finish with hairspray
    One easy way to get voluminous hair is by using hairspray. Hairspray can be used on damp or dry hair and will give your hair an instant boost of volume. If you want the best results, use it after you blow-dry your hair. For extra volume and texture try shaking your head in different directions while spraying the product. Don’t forget that you can also use it on your roots!

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