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    5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Good During Menopause

    As they approach menopause, women’s bodies and health undergo significant changes. While the obvious changes such as hot flashes, sleep problems, weight gain, mood swings, and so on become major sources of concern, women sometimes overlook their skin, which can age at a quicker rate after menopause. You may begin to appear older all of a sudden. Your skin may respond differently as a result of hormonal changes in your body, which can only be addressed with the appropriate skincare.

    The hormones oestrogen and testosterone vary in the body when a woman enters menopause. This has an impact on sebum and collagen formation, which affects the structure and health of your skin. This is one of the key causes of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dark bags beneath the eyes, and so on. If you want to keep your skin’s radiance, texture, and elasticity, you must start taking care of it when you reach perimenopause, which is usually beyond the age of 45. However, the sooner you begin, the less damage your skin will sustain.

    How to Retain your Glow During Menopause

    Here are some Tips that you must Exercise to look Ageless even in your Fifties.

    Watch your diet

    Needless to say, nutrition plays an important role in skin care. Your skin reflects what you consume. Start eating antioxidant-rich foods to keep your skin looking young. This includes both vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. Choose colourful meals that are both healthy and good for your skin.

    Increase hydration

    We need to consume as much water as we can because our bodies are 70% water. Hydration is essential for smooth and supple skin. You are less prone to develop skin problems such as dryness, patchy skin, dullness, and so on if you drink enough of nutritious fluids such as water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices, and so on. Furthermore, applying a nourishing water-based moisturiser to compensate for moisture loss might be beneficial.

    Sun protection

    UV rays harm the skin, which can worsen with age. Because your hormone levels fluctuate throughout menopause, your skin is more vulnerable to UV damage. To protect your skin from the sun, use a decent sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day.

    Reduce Stress

    Stress levels do rise with age, but you should avoid undue stress for the purpose of excellent skin. Stress is terrible for your skin and can cause redness, itchy and flaky skin, psoriasis, and other problems. Meditation, yoga, and music can help you manage your stress.

    Use serum

    Different serums for the skin and eyes are essential for mature ladies. Get a vitamin C serum to combat free radical damage and keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant. Experts advocate utilising a night serum to enable for overnight skin regeneration and renewal. This also helps to minimise puffiness, inflammation, and other evident indications of ageing.

    You can maintain your skin healthy, vibrant, and beautiful even after menopause if you follow these skincare suggestions.

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