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    5 Ways to Use Eyeliner to Create an Illusion of Large Doe Eyes

    Something about larger and brighter eyes makes you appear younger. Doe or puppy, whatever you want to name them, they lend a childlike purity on your face, making you appear younger. However, not everyone is born with it; sometimes all you need is a little assistance to fake it until you make it! You may do this with the correct eye makeup products as well as the right techniques and strategies. Scroll down to learn 5 ways to use eyeliner to accentuate your small eyes. These eyeliners for small eyes will help you imitate a doe-eyed look while also giving you a wide awake, young appearance.

    How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger with Eyeliner


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    The secret is in the eyeliners you use and how you apply them. When using eyeliners for small eyes, the method is critical, especially if you want them to appear larger and brighter than they are. Scroll down to learn several ways to make the most of your eye makeup products.

    Apply A White Or Flesh Toned Eyeliner

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    While a dark or black eyeliner emphasises your top lashes, a lighter shade to brighten up your lower lash waterline is required. Apply a flesh-toned or white kajal pencil to the waterline, then a black kohl pencil beneath the lower lash line. This method gives the appearance of larger eyes.

    Keep Dark Eyeliners Away From The Inner Corners

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    Have you ever noticed how emphasising the inner corners of your eyes makes them appear larger and brighter? If you have small eyes, keep your black eyeliners away from the inner corners of your eyes. Applying eyeliner from the inner corners defines the form of your eyes, emphasising their small size. When applying eyeliner on small eyes, start away from the inner corners, especially if you’re using a dark colour. To liven up the look, add a bit of a brilliant shimmer to the inner corners and merge it into the black line.

    Choose Your Colours Wisely

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    To define your eyes, choose an eyeliner colour that complements your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone, avoid darker colours like black or deep brown. A very dark colour may make your eyes appear smaller than they are. A mild shade of brown would enough if you want to keep it discreet. This eyeliner tip for small eyes not only makes them appear larger, but it also helps your eyes appear more natural.

    Go With The Flow

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    When applying winged eyeliner for tiny eyes, begin with a faint line at the inner corners of your eyes and gradually expand the width until you achieve a thick wing. This gives the appearance of larger doe-like eyes.

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