Thursday, March 23, 2023

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    5 Winter Nail Designs That Will Heat Up Your Look This Season

    For your next manicure, you can be inspired by a few winter nail art designs.

    Winter nails are a lovely way to remember the chilly weather.

    Whatever your preference, you may find winter nail art that suits you.

    The most popular winter nail designs this year include more than simply melancholy, dark hues and drawings with Christmas themes, though we’re sure you’ll see plenty of those, too. Instead, get ready to see a lot more, including innovative variations on the traditional french manicure, abstract forms, highly reflecting polish colours, optical illusions, and much more.

    This year’s winter nails will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It may be due to all the social media scrolling we’ve been doing lately, or it may be because we want to start out 2023 with a bang. We consulted a few specialists to obtain the inside scoop on this coming season, and they all agreed that the dominant winter trends will revolve about pushing boundaries and being inventive.

    So as we break down the best winter nail designs for 2023 in advance, take a seat back, unwind, and get ready to schedule your next manicure appointment — or DIY nail session.

    1) Abstract Nails

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    Although abstract patterns are nothing new, for the winter we’ll see a new spin on them. As individuals experiment with combining different colour schemes and geometric patterns, Boyce predicts that bold abstractions and geometric shapes will remain popular. Nail artists will experiment with various methods, materials, and finishes.

    2) Metallic Nails

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    Nadine Abramcyk, cofounder and head of brand at Tenoverten in New York City, states “We usually see demand for metallics during the Christmas season.” A metallic polish may be applied to your own fingernail for a flawless manicure or used to make various nail-art patterns. For a festive accent, “[I] love pairing it with a classic nude.”

    3) Animal-Print Nails

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    Add a hint of the print to your manicure to complete the effect as you pull out your animal-print boots and scarves. According to Gerstein, “the trend of brown [nail polish] and all of the hot hues are giving off the animal-print vibe.” Cow print, tortoiseshell, leopard, zebra, and giraffe are all current trends.

    4) Chrome French Manicures

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    Especially among celebrities, the chrome french manicure is a popular winter nail style. According to Boyce, “Chrome is having a moment in fashion right now, with glam goth and sci-fi-inspired future clothing all showcasing a tonne of shiny chrome.” “Needless to say, that means nails. Particularly chrome french tips give a very feminine, soft, and traditional nail style this edginess.”

    5) Illusion Ombré Nails

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    Use the illusion ombré trend to spice up your winter nails. With this manicure, there are countless options. According to Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and owner of Nails of LA, “colors that you normally use for an ombré nail would go well together.”

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