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    7 Ways to Style 70s Disco Fashion for a Modern Trendsetter

    Disco fashion is making a big comeback lately, and there are many ways to incorporate the trend into your own style. While some people like to go all out with 70s disco style clothing and accessories, others prefer to mix in disco elements with their current wardrobe favorites to create an updated look with similar vibes. This guide will show you how to do both! Here are 7 ways to style 70s disco fashion for a modern trendsetter

    1) The Key Pieces

    PC : Kevin Tachman

    Platform heels, bell bottoms, halter tops, and sequins all come with the territory of dressing like the disco queen. So the easiest way to get in on this trend is by picking up some pastel bottoms, sneakers or oxfords in a complementary hue. With these basics in tow, you can embellish with your favorite crop top and/or blouse.

    2) Go Glamorous in Gold

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    Start by combining your color-blocked separates with delicate gold jewelry. Pair your tie-dye top with white or black culottes and gold accents. Slip on a pair of sneakers, throw on an oversized gold ring, and lace up some statement ankle boots with lace detailing or classic gladiator sandals. Now you’re ready to boogie down the street like it’s 1979!

    3) Black Cat Print Belts are Back
    If you’re looking for some exciting new trends, there’s no better way than by channeling disco glam. These seven fashionable and on-trend ways are sure to get your creative juices flowing! One option is pairing high waisted pants with a black cat print belt as seen in the photo above. A simple black dress with some funky accents such as sequins and glitter is also perfect for showing off these retro trends. One more idea is simply wearing jeans and an old vintage shirt like this one that I found at a thrift store.
    These simple looks are so easy to pull off that they could be dressed up or down depending on what event you’re attending!

    4) Wear Your Heels with Confidence

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    A high heel is one of the ultimate symbols of femininity. There are two things you can do to make wearing heels more comfortable: find the right shoes, and learn how to walk in them. Step one: find your heel height. Go as high as you can comfortably go with your shoe size. The higher the heel, the longer your leg line will be, giving you an elongated shape instead of a squat shape.

    5) Get All Glittered Up

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    The gold, glitter and boas of the 1970s have taken over our Instagram feeds as of late. Adding these looks to your everyday outfits will make you the talk of the town while also giving you that California queen feel, which we all know is one trend not going anywhere anytime soon. So here are 7 different ways to incorporate 70s disco fashion into your life with ease.

    6) Stop Wearing So Much Makeup!
    Women who wear makeup everyday should try going without it at least once a week. Makeup really can take a toll on your skin over time, especially if you use harsh chemicals that clog pores and make your skin irritated. Switching up your routine can make you feel fresher, healthier, and more confident about how you look! And in case you’re worried about getting whomped by the real world, don’t worry too much—working with what’s there is enough!

    7) Add Some Understated Accessories
    70s disco fashion has been popping up more and more lately, but it can feel outdated and difficult to dress for. We’re here to show you how you can take this trend in new directions without going overboard. The best way to wear something that is more complicated or daring is with understated accessories. Just one statement piece will pull the outfit together without making it feel overdone. Keep it simple, don’t be afraid of mixing prints, and layer these outfits appropriately!

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