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    8 Clear Brow Gels That Will Minimalize Your Routine

    If you love having bushy brows, then this piece isn’t for you (and if you don’t, sorry not sorry—welcome to the club!). However, if like me you like to keep your brows looking natural and as clean as possible, then read on! I swear by using clear brow gels to help tame the unruly hairs that just won’t stay in place. There are tons of different ones on the market; however, some truly stand out from the rest. Here are my favorites!

    Sephora Collection Clear Brow Gel

    Image Credit : Coupon pro, Twitter

    In the past, I haven’t been impressed with clear brow gels from the drugstore. However, this one from Sephora Collection comes in at a similar price point, and I’m really impressed. Although the brush is tapered and cone-shaped (which lends more precision to application), the product does a great job of setting and hardening the brows with steel-like force, despite its simplicity. When I want something with a semi-lighter, somewhat flexible hold, but don’t want to have to worry about what my brows are doing hours later, this is the one I reach for. Plus, it’s a great price at $12.

    Hourglass Arch Brow Shaping Gel

    Image Credit : KELLiLASH

    Many people swear by this best-selling formula from Hourglass. Even though the brush is somewhat polarizing, I do agree that it’s one of the best clear brow gels out there. While the dual-sided shape doesn’t really appeal to me, as I have thin eyebrows, it lends an extra helping hand in the shaping and defining department. However, if you have thicker eyebrows, I can see the appeal, as it lends an extra helping hand in the shaping and defining department.

    Milk Makeup Kush Clear Brow Gel

    Image Credit kindpng

    The clear brow gel I use is great for multiple reasons. I like the small, tree-shaped brush for getting every last itty bitty hair in place, the formula is super clear (I’ve been disappointed when some products are cloudy-not cute), and it keeps hair in place but in a way that feels flexible and not like cement. Also, it contains great brow-nourishing ingredients like aloe, cucumber, and hemp-derived cannabis seed oil, so you’ll be conditioning your brows as well.

    Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW-FILL Volumizing Brow Gel

    Image Credit : saloncentric

    Choosing this peptide-rich brow product from Grande Cosmetics is smart if you’re looking to add volume to your natural brows. Besides the instant filling, the nourishing formula works to thicken up things long-term, as well.

    Well People Expressionist Brow Gel

    Image Credit : Well People

    People’s tinted formula is a known best-seller, so I was thrilled when they released an ultra-clear version. It is an eyebrow product made with 100% plant-based ingredients, which sculpts, defines, and dries without feeling stiff or getting flaky. There is also castor oil, olive oil, and aloe to boost the growth of your eyebrows. Additionally, this one can be used on lashes too!

    Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel with Lamination Effect

    Image Credit :

    It mimics the look of laminated brows, if that’s what you’re after without spending a lot of money. Benefit Cosmetics produces some of the most iconic brow products of all time, so it’s no surprise that this clear formula has 24-hour staying power makes my list.

    MAC Brow Set

    Image Credit :

    This is probably the first clear brow gel I ever owned, and it’s still one I keep on hand. This brow formula doesn’t feel stiff or sticky on my brows, and it adds a nice photogenic glow that I really like. It’s a long-wear formula you can feel confident in for about 8 hours, and it won’t flake, pill, or clump on you. During the summer, or when I know the tequila will have me breaking out some moves later on in the evening, it’s my go-to clear brow gel.

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel

    Image Credit : Anastasia Beverly Hills

    An Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product roundup wouldn’t be complete without this top-rated clear tube. Long-lasting, it looks clear across a wide range of hair colors, and it contains soothing chamomile to keep your arches soft, supple, and as healthy as possible. If you’re looking for a no-monkey-business strong hold, this is the one. (Hailey Bieber is a fan!)

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