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    8 Ways to Nail the Soft Glam Makeup Look

    The soft glam makeup look has been super popular over the past few years, with celebrities such as Olivia Palermo leading the trend. What many people don’t know, however, is that this look can be achieved through simple makeup application techniques, not just with high-end products and brushes. In this article, you’ll learn eight techniques that you can use to create your own soft glam makeup look.

    1) Enhance your natural features


    The soft glam makeup look is designed for every day wear, and anyone can pull it off with just a few tweaks. This type of look is best suited for women with oily skin because of the matte quality that will balance out any shininess. Primers are also key in this process and should be applied before applying anything else on your face. There are a few different techniques you can use when trying to achieve a soft glam makeup look, all dependent on how natural or intense you want your finished product to be.

    2) Start with a great base

    PC :Tiffany Rios

    A good way to set your foundation is by using a primer. Primers will help your makeup stay on all day and work as a shield from pollutants, too. This can be helpful for women who have sensitive skin or prone to breakouts. If you want more coverage without looking cakey, choose an oil-free foundation. Oil-free foundations are perfect for women with oily skin because they contain ingredients that absorb excess oil and therefore minimize the appearance of pores and shine throughout the day.

    3) Don’t be afraid of bold colors

    PC : Thiare

    A soft glam makeup look is all about staying within a neutral color palette, but adding small pops of bold colors like red, blue, or green. It’s okay if you’re not into bright colors; try using subtle shades like lavender or light peach. No matter your preferences, the key to pulling off this trend is experimentation. Find a shadow color that makes you happy and then experiment with different combinations of other eye shadows until you find something that really suits your style.

    4) Keep it easy breezy

    1. Clean skin is key for a soft glam look, so start with a fresh face by washing and moisturizing. Finish off with light foundation and powder if needed.
    2. Add a touch of shimmer by dusting on eye shadow or using highlighter on cheekbones or brow bones for an added glow. Dust bronzer lightly along cheekbones as well as down your nose, in order to define your face shape while giving you a sun-kissed appearance.

    5) Don’t go overboard on the eyeliner

    PC : @angelabright

    Eyeliner is one of those beauty products that you want to keep subtle with this look. Use it as a way to define your eyes and make them pop, not as a way to create an edgy winged cat eye. Less is always more when it comes to applying eyeliner!

    6) Pay attention to lip details

    PC : Beauty By Design

    Pale skin is best complemented with a dark lip color. The contrast makes for a striking look. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need bold colors or a lot of makeup to make an impact. Subtlety and simplicity have just as much value as a bold cat eye and winged eyeliner!
    So while soft glam may seem like a look that’s impossible to pull off, it’s actually quite easy–as long as you know what kind of look you’re going for!

    7) Never forget mascara

    PC : Sophie Allegra

    Mascara is a staple in many women’s makeup bags, but it often gets forgotten. A woman should never leave the house without mascara on because it will not only make her eyes look bigger and more awake, but can also act as a primer for foundation and other powder-based products. Without mascara, these products may not be applied as evenly or as smoothly. Mascara provides thickness and color to lashes which makes them look fuller and brighter.

    8) Use false lashes if necessary

    PC : Demetrios

    A staple of the soft glam makeup look, false lashes will add length and thickness. On a daily basis they are more natural-looking than mascara but you will still want them to match your hair color, or go for something fun like neon lashes. The important thing is that they look natural and blend in with your real lashes. It’s important to have someone help you put them on when you’re starting out because it can be tricky at first.

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