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    9 Mistakes You’re Making If You Have Fine Hair

    Your hair doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. Whether it’s fine, straight, or dry, you can make it look great with the right products and proper care. Here are some mistakes people with fine hair make, as well as how to avoid them!

    1) Don’t Overdo Shampooing


    Overdoing shampooing can strip your hair of natural oils and make it more prone to drying out. The solution is to be sure you’re only shampooing 1-2x a week, as needed. You can also invest in some dry shampoo in between washings to extend the time between washes and to maintain freshness.

    2) Don’t Blow-dry Your Hair

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    Never blow-dry your hair. That’s right, we said don’t do it. And if you must, only do it on the coolest setting. Hair becomes frizzy when it’s blown-dried, so don’t subject your tresses to this heat. Stick to a high-quality shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. Avoid shampoos that are labeled for oily hair or for color-treated hair because they will leave your fine hair feeling limp. Avoid products that have alcohol in them as well, as alcohol can make your strands brittle. A good rule of thumb is: if you find yourself struggling with frizziness in humidity, then switch to volumizing products instead of smoothing ones (because fine hair has no volume).

    3) Don’t Stress About Split Ends


    Split ends are inevitable and can come from using too many products on your hair, not using the right products for your hair type, or not washing it enough. Allowing yourself to give in to how your hair is feeling can result in split ends!

    4) Use the Right Products
    Don’t worry, having thin or fine hair doesn’t mean you have to wash your hair every day. However, some shampoos and conditioners can cause dryness or a buildup of oils in your scalp if used daily. Instead, try something that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils so it stays healthy and looking great.

    5) Be Gentle When Styling

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    Do you have fine hair? Follow these steps to help avoid some of the most common mistakes people with fine hair make:

    1) Don’t Wash it Too Much: Too much washing strips your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Keep it to two times a week at most, or use dry shampoo in between washes if you can’t go a whole week.

    2) Don’t Overdo It With Heat Tools: Avoid using heat tools on your roots; this only encourages more breakage. If you want volume at the roots, try back combing instead of blow drying.

    3) Get A Cut That Works For Your Hair Type: Curly girls don’t need long layers and straight haired girls don’t need layers that are too short or blunt on top. Get a cut that matches your type of hair so it will look its best!

    4) Use Conditioner At Least Once A Week: Your fine hair is prone to dryness. Be sure to use conditioner once a week or daily if you have extra frizzy or dry hair.

    5) Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day: Remember to take an extra day or two in between washes if you have fine hair, especially if you want it to look it’s best.

    6) Trim Regularly

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    Trim hair about every 4-6 weeks to get rid of split ends. – Avoid products that are too heavy or oil based, as these will weigh down the hair and make it feel limp. Instead, choose products that are light, volumizing, and give a light curl. Products like shampoos and conditioners should be ones that hydrate your hair instead of weighing it down or weighing it up.

    7) Beware of Heat Damage
    It’s important to not expose fine hair to high heat too often because it can lead to hair breakage. Use a protective styling method, such as braids or twists that cover the ends and your style will last longer without excessive heat damage.

    8) Go Sunscreen Crazy!
    Look for products that advertise their level of UVA and UVB protection. Some sunscreens may just protect from one of these, so you’ll want to find one that claims protection for both. Stay away from any sunscreen that lists titanium dioxide as an ingredient, since this could actually cause your skin to burn faster than it would without it being present.

    9) Seek a Good Cut

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    Styling fine hair is often difficult as it needs to be babied a lot more than coarse or thick hair. We reached out to a handful of salons and hairstylists to find out the 9 mistakes people most commonly make when they have fine hair, and how they can easily avoid them. Haircuts should be shorter on the sides and longer on top, says Orlando Pita of Ruffian fame. This will add volume and prevent your ends from splitting prematurely. They should also include some layers for bounce. The goal is to frame your face in a flattering way so you look naturally thicker by drawing attention away from your thinning parts with longer pieces around your face that are teased for volume at the crown.

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