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    A Guide to Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Formula for You

    Choosing the best eyeshadow formula can be difficult because there are so many options out there, and each brand of eyeshadow offers something different. First, you have to pick whether you want powder or cream eyeshadow, and then you have to determine if you want shimmer or matte eyeshadow, which will affect your choice of formula even more. This can be overwhelming! Thankfully, we have a guide to help you determine the best eye shadow formula based on your skin tone and desired look. Here’s how to choose the right eyeshadow formula for you!

    Cream eyeshadows

    While they are easier to apply than pressed powders, these soft, cream formulas can be a little tricky because it is very simple to apply too much of them. Although they leave a sheeny layer on your eyelids, cream eyeshadows are very prone to creasing in hot, muggy conditions.

    Make sure to prepare your eyelids with some loose powder to control oil production before trying them out. Then, use your fingers to tap in a very thin layer of product. When you’re finished with your entire look, use setting spray to seal everything in by giving it a minute or two to dry before applying your next layer.

    Eyeshadow pigments

    The most potent eyeshadow pigments are most likely those that are loose powder. Delicate powders that are colourful; experienced eyeshadow users should use these. After priming your eyelids, drop a small amount of the powder onto a clean metal tray, pick it up with a packed eyeshadow brush or your fingers, and tap it onto your lids. Instead of applying shimmer or metallic pigments to your entire lid, you can use them as accents to draw attention to your eyes.

    Eyeshadow crayons

    Try an eyeshadow crayon if you’re constantly on the go or you’re not too comfortable using brushes. The sticks make them much simpler to apply, allowing you to precisely control where you apply and how much you want to use. Crayons come in a variety of finishes, including mattes, shimmers, and metallics, so there are many options.

    Liquid eyeshadows

    Have you seen imitation liquid lipsticks in the eyeshadow section? Introducing liquid eyeshadows. These formulas, which are most frequently available in shimmer, glitter, metallic, and frosty finishes, make it incredibly simple to create fun eye makeup looks without getting messy with loose pigments. When applying difficult textures, such as highlighting your inner corners or giving your entire lid a wash of shimmer, the lip gloss-like wand makes it simple. Multiple brands are now producing lightweight, non-sticky liquid eyeshadow glosses to help you achieve the glossy eyelids trend in eye makeup.

    Baked eyeshadows

    While most palettes contain pressed powder eyeshadows, baked eyeshadows have started to appear in the past few years in the form of singles, duos, and full palettes. These formulas, which live up to their name, are baked into the pans, giving them the special ability to function flawlessly wet or dry. With this formula, there are two ways to intensify your eye makeup look: use a brush to pick up product from the pan and apply it layer by layer until you achieve the desired effect. For a bold eye makeup look you’ll adore, you can also mist your eyeshadow brush with setting spray and swipe it across the pan to pick up noticeably more colour.

    Pressed powder eyeshadows

    When you think of eyeshadows, you probably picture a palette with lots of tiny coloured pans; those are the traditional pressed powder shadows. They are the most common items in the category; they are finely ground powders that are pressed into pans. The most popular finishes in palettes used to be mattes and shimmers, but today you can also find satin, glitter, metallic, and frosted ones. In fact, brands are increasingly ensuring that a single palette contains a variety of finishes, giving you more value for your money and, of course, more room to experiment with your look.

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