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    Acne? Pigmentation? Hydration? Glow? Wrinkles? Get the perfect facial for you!

    The key to getting that lit-from-within complexion is product, practise, and patience. However, your skin may require more than a serum and sunscreen at times. Sometimes it requires extra TLC, such as specialised facials for your skin condition. After firsthand experience with the glow-enhancing, mood-boosting advantages of a professional facial throughout the years, I can attest that facials aren’t just beneficial for self-care; they’re also necessary for skin healing and a key component of preventative maintenance.

    Here are the most effective facials to put your best face forward, whether you need a tech treatment, a salve for sore eyes, or a radiance boost.

    HydraFacial for hydrating and giving your skin a healthy glow

    The Hydration & Glow medi-facial combines a jet peel with the celebrity-favorite HydraFacial, a hydra-dermabrasion technique that uses proprietary technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate.” This allows enriched liquids and intense serums to permeate deeper into the skin by opening trans-epidermal microchannels. Aside from the obvious advantages, what makes this a winner is that it is totally customizable, whether you require vitamin C-calibre brightening or an infusion for wrinkles, and it appeals to all complexions and concerns. “Expect a pearl finish and long-lasting effects,” says Dr. Neha Sachde, famous skin specialist and founder of Metamorphosis Clinic in Mumbai.

    Carbon facial For reducing tan and brightening

    The carbon facial is intended to counteract the detrimental effects of sun exposure and pollution.” The session begins with cleaning, followed by exfoliation with a mild ingredient combination and alpha-hydroxy acid. We next employ an ultrasonic process to ensure that your customised boosters, such as seaweed jelly or hyaluronic acid, penetrate deeper. The melanin is subsequently broken down using a Q-switch laser. “This tech facial concludes with a massage and peel-off mask to leave you with brighter, more even skin tone,” explains Dr. Apratim Goel, cosmetic dermatologist and medical director of Cutis Skin Solution.

    Ultherapy for wrinkle woes

    Ultherapy can help you tighten your face without incisions or downtime. “This is an FDA-approved non-invasive wrinkle reduction procedure.” Ultherapy stimulates collagen formation using micro-focused ultrasound to drastically enhance skin texture and quality. The most visible benefits appear after three months, however you may go out for dinner straight after your treatment,” explains Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, aesthetic physician and medical director of Isaac Luxe in Delhi.

    Medi-facial for toning and firming

    Want a contoured, camera-ready appearance? “Your best chance is Toning and Firming medi-facial, which is based on radiofrequency (RF) therapy.” It entails a large amount of RF skin toning, lifting, and tightening. It is followed and preceded by antioxidant skin salves, hyaluronic acid infusions, and an LED facial to complete the overall rejuvenation therapy,” says Dr Renita Rajan, founder of Render Skin and Hair in Chennai.

    Medi facial for acne and blemishes

    For acne-prone skin, we start with a case-by-case evaluation, categorising the outbreak as mild, moderate, or severe.” The typical medi-facial procedure begins with an extraction, followed by a peel treatment and an acne pack. Massages are avoided since creams might aggravate acne. In extreme cases, strong pulse light or a Q-switch laser are used. “We use peels and meso-therapy for stains,” says Dr Soma Sarkar, celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Dr Soma’s Aesthetic Clinic in Mumbai.

    Collagen facial + oxygen infusion for pigmentation

    It is critical that you should not go to an inexperienced aesthetician or salon since it might increase pigmentation,” warns Dr. Rashmi Shetty, celebrity dermatologist and founder and developer of Sol Skin Corp. “At Ra, our favourite treatment is a collagen facial paired with an oxygen infusion, which includes no massage, scrape, or heat.” “There’s a combination of essential oils and butters, as well as gentle technology like RF and lights,” she explains.

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