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    All About Gel Skincare: The Newest Trend in the Beauty World

    A skincare trend might be fleeting in nature, but not when it comes to formula textures like gel or cream-based cosmetic products. If you unwillingly apply moisturiser while despising the greasy aftereffect, or if you’ve tried oils only to wind up with breakouts, your skin type is most likely combination to oily. The good news is that the brisk sales of gel-based moisturisers on beauty aisles are all you could want. We chatted with prominent skin specialists to find out all you need to know about gel as the latest skincare craze.

    So what are the differences between gel and cream moisturizers?

    Traditional moisturisers are emulsions, which are a combination of water and oil kept together by an emulsifier.” Without the emulsifier, the water and oil would separate like salad dressing. Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, NYC Board Certified Dermatologist, says that gels are water-based compositions with a thickening to give them a creamy consistency. He reiterates that, depending on the contents, gels can have different textures and provide the same amount of hydration as classic emulsion formulations.

    Gel moisturisers are quickly becoming top sellers for most brands, as buyers like the sensory aspect that leaves no sticky residue. “Gel formulations have a lighter consistency than other skincare formulas and vehicles like ointments.” They are especially popular during the hot and humid months. “They have a stronger cooling impact than other formulations,” says Dr. Mona Mislankar, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist in Cincinnati.

    Who should switch to gels in skincare?

    It’s strong enough to hydrate while being light enough not to leave a sticky residue. Hydration or moisturisation is one step that many people overlook when they have oily skin, yet even oily skin may get dehydrated. “People with acne-prone skin or who are prone to clogged pores prefer gel-based moisturisers.” Gels provide immediate hydration. “They are not sticky, and they deeply moisturise the skin,” said Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, Aesthetic Physician and Founder of ISAAC. Switch to gels if you want a no-fuss rapid fix for hydration.

    Who should avoid gel textures?

    For people with sensitive or dry skin, alcohol-based gel textures might be drying. “While they may appear to offer more moisture temporarily, they frequently cause further irritation and dryness, therefore I typically urge people with dry or sensitive skin stick to cream or ointment-based vehicles,” explains Dr. Mona Mislankar. Dr. Gupta agrees that patients with dry skin should stick to the oil-based formulation because gels evaporate fast.

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