Saturday, October 1, 2022

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    Ananya Panday wore colorful eye-catching colors 5 times

    We tend to identify commonplace items with neutral colours, particularly tones of black, white, and beige. However, fashion fads like “dopamine dressing” and “revenge dressing” have quickly disputed our stance on wardrobe essentials. Washed-out colours are no longer the foundation of our everyday outfits; instead, bold colours with saturated colour are dominating our essentials. Brands like Tom Ford and Proenza Schouler, which are known for their love of traditional black and subtle earth tones, are also pushing for this year’s trendiest trend: vibrant hues.

    Ananya Panday’s current sartorial endeavours have our full attention as an actor who routinely tops the best-dressed lists while putting every trend her own unique touch. Panday demonstrates how to incorporate dopamine-inducing strong hues into our everyday ensembles, giving us every incentive to abandon basic neutrals in favour of them. Whether it’s a neon green little dress or a short suit, Panday always dresses boldly and with panache. Follow along as we list some of her more recent outfits that are drenched in vibrant colour and make notes on how to incorporate them into our regular wardrobes.

    Wearing to Work

    Credit : Instagram

    Panday shared a photo from a recent event in the city on Instagram while wearing a bright green shorts and suit ensemble. Panday presented us with an outfit that is ideal for individuals looking for sophisticated workwear by teaming the vibrant ensemble with a pristine white shirt and studded strappy black heels.

    Bright neons

    Credit: Vogue india

    Panday uploaded a photograph from a recent photo shoot to her Instagram while sporting a neon green short outfit. In addition, the dress had draped details and boning. Her naturally curly hair kept the appearance simple, and a pair of ankle strap heels completed the outfit.

    A Crop Case

    Credit: Hindustan Times

    When promoting her upcoming film Liger (2022), Panday was spotted donning a bright yellow crop top and blue jeans. A front zip and a double neckline were among the crop top’s features. Although the crop top’s design added more than just a splash of colour, the actor kept the outfit casual by wearing sneakers and a small hoop as earrings.

    Paint me Sunshine

    Credit: Suspense Crime

    Nothing makes you feel happier than the ideal hue of yellow. Panday shared another another outfit from her most recent promos, this time donning a yellow off-the-shoulder little dress. She made the decision to dress up the vividly coloured ensemble with gold accessories including statement earrings and rings. For an additional splash of colour, she wore bright yellow pumps.

    Vibrant Orange

    Credit: Masala

    Panday donned an orange knit top with a pair of ivory jeans to give us a colourful style that would be ideal for a daytime brunch or an evening out with friends. The glittering summer knit top and contrasting jeans can be the ideal approach to liven up your regular casual wear.

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