Thursday, October 6, 2022

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    ASAP Rocky breaks the norms of modern men’s fashion with a leather skirt.

    Historically, long skirts and dresses were mostly the wear of women. Now that gender boundaries are blurring and individuality is being celebrated, everyone – regardless of gender identity – it is permitted to dress any way one pleases. ASAP Rocky’s latest outfit exemplifies the positives of progressive times.

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    While shopping in New York City, 33-year-old rapper, Drake and girlfriend of Rihanna, made an eye-catching outfit that was both stylish and ahead of the curve. The outfit – which was all from Givenchy by Matthew M Williams – consisted of a dark grey cropped hooded sweatshirt, a black varsity shirt, a black leather mini skirt, black leather clogs, black ribbed-knit socks and black sunglasses.

    Image Source: Vogue

    Brad Pitt had the headlines when he wore a loose, brown linen skirt to promote Bullet Train in Berlin. In 2004, while promoting the film Troy, the Academy Award-winning actor made an apt state Troy: men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That’s my prediction and guarantee. It appeals to both genders. We were going for realism and people used to wear skirts all the time. It took eighteen years, but Pitt has now become his own man.

    Not too long ago, Oscar Isaac arrived at a red carpet event wearing a skirt – a pleated one with a matching jacket, courtesy of Thom Browne – there was a screening of Moon Knight in London last night, and that got the internet buzzing. Final verdict? Clothes are a tool of self-expression, and we should all be able to wear them with joy.

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