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    Bobbi Brown on the Trending Foundation for Glowing Mature Skin

    On TikTok, we’ve all seen the occasional trend that is wacky or just plain weird. But when Bobbi Brown logged on, she was a little shocked to see nearly the entire pot of her brand-new foundation, Jones Road What The Foundation, being liberally applied to TikToker Meredith Duxbury’s face.

    My initial impressions were, “Oh no! A product I adore was the subject of a bad review. But after watching the video, I realised that she was not someone who would enjoy the product’s finish, and on top of that, she applied it in an absurd manner that made no sense,” Brown tells me. “Just for fun, I made a silly response and posted it.

    In typical Bobbi fashion, she responded with a video that made light of Duxbury’s application strategy. Here in the UK, we were eager to find out what all the fuss was about after the foundation went viral and sales quadrupled. Now that it’s available for purchase, it’s a lightweight wonder that gives you beautiful skin in a matter of seconds, contrary to what the original video might have suggested.

    Brown describes the formula she believes is best for people over 50 as a tinted moisture balm but adds coverage in the areas where you most need it. It has some lovely oils infused into it, which gives it a nice, glowy, skin-like finish. It’s a great foundation to try if you have mature skin or just like light to medium coverage, but since it contains some oils, it might not be the best choice for someone with extremely oily skin.

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    This most recent Jones Road release is consistent with Brown’s mission to empower women to feel like their best selves. What could be more joyful than working with the skin to create a stunning no-makeup-makeup look? It is not intended to conceal the natural skin texture or features. She explains, “Traditional foundation makes you look like you’re wearing foundation or a mask, so I wanted to reinvent it. “I want your skin to look and feel better than when you weren’t wearing anything.

    What I hope is that instead of focusing on how it makes them look, people will find what works for them and what makes them feel their most beautiful. I say people because men wear makeup too. And in the end, in my opinion, that should result in confidence, which is simply feeling comfortable in your own skin.

    She claims that traditional foundations can age mature skin while WTF gives the skin a youthful appearance. It includes the humectant sodium hyaluronate to hydrate, as well as ginger root and castor seed oil to nourish and give a dewy finish. Furthermore, What The Foundation is a simple product to use.

    Because you don’t have to use a moisturiser underneath it, it’s a one-and-done product, she gushes. Anyone who wants an amazing lit-from-within glow quickly should use it. Since the foundation is so moisturising in and of itself, your skin won’t need additional hydration underneath, though you can use face powder on the T-zone if it does. Applying with a brush will result in the most coverage, while using your fingers will produce a more lightweight finish, says Brown. You can build it up or keep it subtle.

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