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    Can you believe Avril Lavigne still has her outfit from the Complicated music video?

    Avril Lavigne’s power as the pop-punk queen has never been greater, from her music to her style. Since the release of her seventh studio album, “Love Sux,” in February, the “Complicated” singer has starred in music videos with Willow and Machine Gun Kelly, as well as performed on stage with Olivia Rodrigo, always looking like a badass.

    Lavigne sang her single “Bite Me” on September 25 at the Rock the Runway: Shein For All event, which featured the brand’s fall/winter 2022 collections. As the Romwe headliner, Lavigne dressed for the occasion in a lace-up bodysuit, torn cropped sweater, cutout jeans, and buckle-up wedge boots.

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    My favourite part of the shoot was styling the audience,” Lavigne says of the performance to POPSUGAR. “I ordered that the entire crowd dress in fashionable punk attire, and the Shein crew delivered.” For some, Lavigne’s design choice harkens back to the 2000s punk-pop culture, but for the “Sk8er Boi” singer, authenticity is everything. “I’ve never been one to follow trends, and I’ve always worn what felt appropriate at the time and what I loved,” she explains. “It has always been about being comfortable for me.

    As a 2000s superstar, it’s only natural that Lavigne has retained some of her favourite Y2K accessories, including every single outfit from her music videos from the days of “Let It Go.” “I’ve preserved every single garment from every single one of my music videos, and they’re all archived,” she says. “I’ve got all of my neckties and spiked bracelets.” I even have the skateboard from the music video for ‘Complicated.

    Now that Y2K trends have resurfaced, Lavigne says she loves seeing more people wearing pop-punk items from the 2000s. “I enjoy seeing people wearing studded bracelets and belts since it is something I have not only retained in my closet but also preserved as part of my style since the 2000s,” she adds.

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    During the epidemic, we witnessed the advent of matching jogging sets, which I think are incredibly lovely,” Lavigne says. I wear them frequently in my personal life as well as in the studio. I prefer overalls and jeans for everyday wear. I’ll never wear jeans on stage since they make it difficult to move around.” Of course, not every throwback style is a success. “Capri pants are sort of fugly, she says.

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