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    Can’t Afford A Facial? No Problem! 4 Celebrity-Approved Face Creams You Can Find At The Drugstore

    Today’s influx of celebrity-endorsed beauty brands can be compared to the intrusive questions your parents ask about your romantic life because there are so many of them and they come at you quickly and unexpectedly from all directions. So it can be difficult to decide which one to try first. You could base your decision on your personal affinity for any particular A-lister. Did you watch their movies as a child, as you might have with Brad Pitt? Do you listen to their music on Spotify, as you should with Ciara, without a doubt? How likely are you to follow the Kardashians?

    The better choice is to use everyone’s go-to gossip account DeuxMoi to help you cut through the clutter. Nobody is more knowledgeable about everything related to celebrities, after all. (For those who are not familiar, DeuxMoi is a hugely popular Instagram account that posts anonymous content on Hollywood’s elite, including everything from nanny secrets to relationship drama. Welcome if you came for the juice.)

    DeuxMoi, a self-described pop culture curator, is acutely aware of the preferences and insatiable curiosities of their audience. Naturally, this also applies to celebrity-based brands, making them the ideal product testers. We chose to start with skin care, which is predicted by Fortune Business Insights to grow at the fastest rate in the beauty industry and reach $146 billion (! ), which explains why so many celebrities have entered the fray, and we zeroed in on the most universal subcategory: face moisturisers.

    Forewarning: This category is by far the most consistent, where I would use almost all the products, according to DeuxMoi, who has tested alcohol lines and celebrity-owned lip glosses. People “sh*t on celebrity skin care, but I’m shocked and amazed at how good these are.

    DeuxMoi Reviews OAM Skin Vitamin C Radiance Moisturizer

    PC: Popsugar

    TwoMoi’s Opinion: “This was absorbed by my skin like a cold glass of water. My skin seemed to be saying, “Thank you so much for putting this on my face,” It absorbs incredibly well and doesn’t feel greasy at all. The real test was when I wore it without makeup, and I really liked it. Vitamin C makes your skin more vibrant, so I like to use it in my moisturiser. It also has a mildly citrusy scent rather than the unpleasant one of some other vitamin C products. Other than that, this is a good hydrator that is ideal for the winter.”

    DeuxMoi Reviews Skkn by Kim Face Cream

    PC: Popsugar

    TwoMoi’s Opinion: “By now, everyone is aware of this product’s notorious packaging. It has an egg-like appearance and is very cool. How much product you get for its size really surprises me. The aroma is delicate; it actually reminds me of La Mer. Although it has a buttery, rich, and thick texture, it absorbs very well and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. It proceeds smoothly. I think the price is reasonable and that it is worth that. This moisturiser is of a high calibre, as is evident. Since Trentinoin causes my skin to become dry and dehydrated, I think I will like the Skkn cream the best.

    DeuxMoi Reviews Cay Skin Isle Face Glow Lotion

    PC: Popsugar

    TwoMoi’s Opinion: “I was immediately drawn to this product by its “glow.” I want to appear glowing. It has a lovely mousse texture when it first comes out of the pump and is tinted. When you apply it to your face, the colour melts away and is replaced by this sheer, even coverage. It almost resembles concealer in appearance. The scent makes me want to go on vacation right away, and the bottle makes me think of old-fashioned suntan lotion. My dermatologist always advises me to wear sunscreen, and this particular product gives me a glow, a little coverage, and SPF. There you have a triple threat. It’s brilliant.”

    DeuxMoi Reviews The Outset Squalane Daily Moisturizer

    PC: Popsugar

    TwoMoi’s Opinion: “You always use this moisturiser because it is your go-to, classic style. It is straightforward, but in a good way. The price is excellent, it applies smoothly, absorbs well into the skin, and you could wear it under makeup. Because it is hydrating but not greasy, I would use this moisturiser both during the day and at night. This product has no smell at all, whereas all the other products do. It has no scent at all. To be honest, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this product other than the fact that the glass packaging is a little heavy and might not be the best for travel.

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