Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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    Check out these 5 Korean beauty gadgets for home use: Masks, massage devices, and more!

    When you’re too tired to go to the salon, you’ll want to let the world of Korean beauty equipment and skincare come to your rescue. From inventive massage tools to advanced light therapy masks, you’ll discover the newest technological innovations in the palm of your hand—and here are a few to save for your next weekend at-home beauty rituals:

    LED masks

    Sheet masks are so 2000s, the next must-haves in the world of skincare are LED masks for incorporating light therapy into your routine, which exposes your skin to different wavelengths of light, such as red for moisturising and suppleness and blue for calming skin issues.

    CELLRETURN LED Mask (Platinum)

    PC: Cellre Turn

    Facial massagers

    Bring small facial massagers from the salon home to help restore vitality and firmness to ageing skin. These portable massagers use vertical vibrations to help muscle firmness and combat age-related drooping skin while also assuring deeper penetration of your skincare actives.

    Vanav UP6 Facial Massager

    PC: Vanav

    Face rollers

    If you want to fight puffiness after a late-night ramen binge, you’ll need a set of facial rollers—or 10. The curiously gratifying sensation of kneading your face is accompanied by softer skin, improved circulation, and a brighter complexion. What’s not to love about this?

    SinLoon Face Massager

    PC: Amazon

    Body massagers

    Why should your face have all of the fun? The same ideas that have found favour in the world of face rollers have found favour in the world of body care, with the world of Korean beauty equipment duplicating the same kneading techniques used by professional aestheticians to firm the skin around the chest, thighs, and arms.

    ReFa For Body

    PC: Skincare by Alana

    Chin masks

    It’s time to improve your sheet mask game by incorporating alternatives that target certain parts of the face. With its face sculpting skills, chin masks are changing the landscape of Seoul skincare. This V-shaped mask is designed to be worn as a chin strap that hooks behind the ears and can be used to firm up a sagging jawline.

    PC: LE

    Magicstripes Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask

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