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    Curl Your Hair without Heat using THIS Simple Hair Hack!

    Have you ever wanted to curl your hair but didn’t want to go through the hassle of using heat? We feel you! That’s why we found this awesome hair hack that allows you to curl your hair without using any heat at all! It’s so simple and easy that you can do it every day if you want! It’s time to put those straighteners away, once and for all…

    A hair hack to try right now
    One of the easiest and least expensive ways to curl your hair is with a thick headband. Get the end of your hair in the headband, then let it rest against your forehead for about 15-20 minutes. This will create some pretty curls that last all day long.
    Best time to do this process is before going to bed. You can sleep on it or wrap a scarf around your head so you don’t disturb the curl. When you wake up, release the headband and voila – beautiful waves without any heat styling.

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    Alyssarxs (@alyssarxs)

    Step 1 – Prep your hair before curling
    Since the point of this hack is to avoid heat damage, prepare your hair by doing a few simple steps. Start by detangling your hair and then gently combing it out with a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots. Next, condition and rinse your hair as usual. After that, use an olive oil or aloe vera based leave-in conditioner on just the ends of your hair for at least five minutes before washing it out again.

    Step 2 – Style your hair into three sections
    Place your fingers about 1 inch from the root of your hair, about a third of the way down the length. Starting at the root, begin to wrap each section around your finger to form a tight coil and roll it toward your head. Continue this process until you reach near the ends of your hair. Secure with bobby pins in place.

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    Step 3 – Hold tightly and roll towards you while brushing out the curl with a boar bristle brush.
    This is a trick to use when you are attempting to make curls last in the hair and it looks very natural. To do this you want to take some water in your hands and rub your hands together and then place the hair that you want to curl on top of them. Next, with one hand, hold onto the top of the curl with your index finger and thumb just at the root of the hair.

    Step 4 – Sleep on it, Spray and Go
    If you want big, voluminous curls that won’t lose their shape then the best way to achieve this is by sleeping on it. It’s the best way to curl your hair with minimal effort because all you have to do is spray and go in the morning. After taking a shower, wrap your hair up in a towel for about an hour. Once it has had time to air dry, use a curling iron or large barrel brush to add more waves and volume into the roots of your hair. Spray with hairspray (I recommend Toni&Guy Extra Strong Hairspray) to keep everything in place overnight. Wake up and style as usual – doesn’t get much easier than that!

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