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    Cute Makeup Looks That Will Make You Look Like A Total Boss Babe

    You probably wear makeup every day without even thinking about it, but do you ever consider what it says about you? The right look can be very powerful, especially if you put in the effort to really make it your own. Check out these cute makeup looks that will make you look like a total boss babe. You’ll want to save this list of ideas for any time you need some inspiration, and feel free to share it with all of your friends! It’s every person’s right to feel their best, every day!

    Stunning eyes


    -Mascara to give your eyes definition

    -Blush for some color on the cheeks

    -Gloss for a glossy look

    -Lashes to make them appear fuller

    -Eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone or is darker than your skin tone (optional)

    -Concealer under the eyes and around any blemishes you may have to help cover up imperfections . If you want, contour the face with light powder. Add blush to the apple of your cheekbones.

    Exaggerated features


    Some might say that they don’t wear makeup because they don’t know how to. Trust me, you probably have everything it takes right in your make-up bag. Here are some quick and easy tricks to make you look like a true goddess.
    You’ll need: a foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, lip gloss or lipstick (your preference), and eyeshadow. For foundation, choose something lighter than what you wear on your face to highlight your cheeks.

    Smoky Cat Eye


    The smoky cat eye is a classic eye makeup look that will never go out of style. It always looks sexy, and it’s perfect for any occasion. What you’ll need: Eyeshadow in matte black, white or silver; liquid eyeliner; brush to help apply the liner; mascara (optional).


    First apply the black or silver eyeshadow across your lids up to your eyebrows.

    Next use the brush to draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye diagonally up towards your temple and then connect with another line at the end of your eyebrow.

    Bring the line back down again starting on the outside of your eye until you reach the other side of your nose.

    For a more intense look, do this two more times for three total lines. Use white or silver eyeshadow to highlight underneath your brow bone where it meets your cheekbone and on top of your lower lashline. Finish off with mascara if desired.

    Natural glow


    Rather than fussing with products to make your skin look flawless, embrace the beauty of your natural complexion. If you have pale skin like me, I recommend a peachy cream blush and soft pink gloss for that subtle touch of color. Alternatively, if you have dark skin, choose warm orange or even bronze tones to help bring out your features.

    Red lips

    1. Start by applying a lip pencil to your lips, followed by applying the corresponding lipstick of your choice. It’s worth the investment to get two shades so you can make your look as subtle or dramatic as you want.
    2. Dust on translucent powder with a round blush brush to eliminate any shine on your face and also use it to give your lipstick some staying power!
    3. Line your eyes using an eye shadow primer then apply an eye shadow that will compliment the color of your skin tone. Use eyeliner to complete the effect.
    4. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, then apply mascara (1-2 coats) before finishing off with volumizing false lashes for extra drama!
    5. Complete the look by adding highlighter under your cheekbones and at the top of your nose to make them pop!

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