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    Data Camp Review: Why I’m loving it and why you will too

    So you’re in the market for an online data science master’s program? You’ve come to the right place! I’m currently enrolled in Data Camp, a full-time online data science program and I can honestly say that I’m loving it so far! Below I’ll be going over what my first week of classes was like as well as some advice on how you can get the most out of this program if you decide to sign up! If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some of the benefits that Data Camp offers!


    You may want to think about DataCamp for your online learning needs if you’re considering starting a new learning experience in the rapidly growing field of data science.

    With its interactive lessons and practical projects, DataCamp courses are stimulating and demanding, perfect for both new and experienced learners. When you choose to take DataCamp courses, you’ll find everything you’re searching for – and then some! – and they’re appropriate for students of any ability level.


    DataCamp, one of many MOOC providers, was established in 2013. You can choose from a variety of online courses on DataCamp, like other online learning platforms, to hone your abilities in areas like data science and analytics.

    With more than 350 courses to choose from (and almost 200 of them free), you’ll find DataCamp to be a helpful way to advance your skills and engage with a community of professionals who share your interests. 300 skilled teachers from prominent universities like Duke University).


    There are various subscription tiers available for DataCamp. You can select one of three personal plans as an individual learner, including a Free account, which, as you might guess, is free, a Standard Account, which costs $25 per month, or a Premium account, which costs $33.25 per month.

    There are two distinct plans available for the DataCamp price for businesses. The professional plan is one of them, and it has a monthly user fee of $25. In order to be eligible for this plan, you must have at least five users.


    You’ll have access to a variety of capabilities when you choose to use DataCamp for your professional business needs or personal development. In addition to receiving expert assistance from instructors who are true experts in their fields, you will have the opportunity to design personally relevant learning materials and take part in practical skill-building exercises.

    Take the free trial version of a course to get a sense of its calibre before enrolling. A biography of the course’s instructor is another option. This will give you the opportunity to discover more about the expert from whom you will be learning before you even begin.


    DataCamp offers only courses in data science and analytics, in contrast to other online course providers like edX or Coursera. You could invest in such technology as:

    1- R

    2- Python

    3- SQL

    4- Git

    5- Shell

    6- Spreadsheets

    7- Theory

    8- Scala

    9- Tableau

    10 -Excel

    11- Energy BI

    You can also take classes in subjects like:

    1- Statistics and Probability

    2- a case study

    3- Engineering Data

    4- Management

    5- Programming

    6- Finance applied

    7- Learning Machines

    8- Reporting

    9- manipulation of data

    10- Visualizations of data

    11- Data Import and Cleaning


    So, are you a good fit for this ground-breaking online learning platform? The choice is entirely up to you. However, if you’re interested in learning more about data science, it’s likely that this DataCamp review has sparked your curiosity about enrolling in some of this company’s online courses.

    Although DataCamp does feature several shortcomings (many of which are mirrored in other DataCamp course ratings), they are not cause for concern. You’ll probably discover that this website offers current, pertinent courses that can really help you advance your analytics or data science career.

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