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    Ditching and Buying: Enhancing Your Fall Ditching and BuyingDitching and Buying

    Janet Gunn and Melissa Meyers are excellent fashion resources. For starters, they’re both influencers from Los Angeles who have mastered the effortlessly chic look. They are also over the age of 50. And, while age has nothing to do with what you should or should not wear, their experienced point of view, gained through years of sartorial trial and error, is frequently rather intriguing. So, on that note, we’re always curious to read about the items they’re adding and removing from their wardrobes to keep their closets feeling new. That’s exactly what you’ll find down below.

    Continue reading to learn about the fall trends that Gunn and Meyers will incorporate into their collections this season. You’ll also find the ones they don’t like and probably won’t wear as much because they’re drawn to the others. Of course, all of this is based on their choices, and you should always wear whatever you enjoy. Go on for fall inspiration, complete with styling references from both women and shopping recommendations.

    Relaxed Jeans

    PC: Who what wear

    I still enjoy fitting denim, but I’m avoiding thin jeans in favour of a looser, broader leg in either high- or low-waisted versions. For a great day outfit, pair with an oversize button-down and heels.

    Despite my diminutive stature, these slouchy jeans are my current fave. They visually lengthen your legs because they are high waisted. You may also customise the cuff size, and the crossover front panel adds an elevated aesthetic for day or night. You’ll appear fashionable and at ease.

    Cropped Jackets

    PC: Tania Stephen

    This season, I’m inspired by an elegant and refined wrap coat. I always prefer an old-school look that is both ageless and adaptable. This Blaize Caprice Irene Wrap Coat is a great transitional piece for the fall season.

    For the next months, I’m reintroducing cropped coats into my wardrobe and giving some of my lengthier jackets a rest. For a more edgy style, I teamed this fabric cropped moto jacket with a dress and heels.

    Oversize Button-Down Shirts

    PC: Who what wear

    I love the oversize look, so it feels great to be wearing these sleek and on-trend button-down shirts! I adore their adaptability and wear them in a variety of ways, including untucked, half-tucked, and tied up in the front.

    With this large August white button-down from Blaize Caprice, you can master the effortless look. The styling possibilities for this main piece are limitless. It’s a wardrobe necessity that every closet requires. There is an incredible array of alternatives because it is so adaptable. The exaggerated broad cuff appeals to me.

    Midi and Maxi Skirts

    PC: Who wat wear

    I adore a good denim outfit, and if you want to take a break from your jeans, this Mango denim midi skirt is a must-have. It’s an easy essential to keep next to your favourite blue jeans and combine with almost any boot style. The denim midi is just as adaptable as a pair of high-rise jeans, but it goes a step further.

    I’m not wearing knee-length skirts anymore, but I’m obsessed with the high-waisted midi skirt. This method of lengthening one’s frame is quite pleasing. In my opinion, this is a win.

    Slingback Heels

    PC: Woman’s Day

    I’ve been ditching my high-heeled pumps in favour of slingbacks lately! This classic style is having a revival right now, and these Chanel slingbacks are stylish and will boost any outfit. They go with everything, including high-waisted pants, denim, skirts, and dresses.

    Despite how much I run, I like a lower heel, especially a classic slingback, and they never go out of style. These Chanel slingbacks are a stylish and comfortable addition to any wardrobe.

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