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    Don’t Look Old Before Your Time: 3 Harsh Haircuts That Age You Instantly

    While ageing is natural, beautiful, and something to be proud of, some haircuts can make us appear older than we are and fail to frame our features as well as others. As a result, we asked experienced hair stylists and hair experts for three haircut ideas to avoid if you want to preserve a young look, or just a stylish one for fall! Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles, and Gina Rivera, famous hair stylist and proprietor of Phenix Salon Suites, provide ideas and insights.

    Thick, Blunt Bangs

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    While this fringe ‘do may appear to be edgy and striking, Abdullah advises that it might add years to your appearance by calling attention to wrinkles rather than framing your face or highlighting your cheekbones, as other haircuts can. “Thick, blunt bangs that come past the brows on a blunt lob,” she says, “should be avoided since they emphasise every symptom of age in the face and don’t frame the face nicely.” “They press all the attention to the eyes, with all their lines,” she emphasises.

    Instead, Try Curtain Bangs

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    Curtain bangs are a good alternative to this “popular, yet unattractive trend,” she says. “These flatter nearly any face at any age and beautifully frame the face while pulling attention away from major ageing indications,” she adds. Curtain bangs are a form of fringe cut that creates a soft, natural-looking wave at the top of the head, as seen on Kirsten Dunst. “They are frequently used to frame the face and, in particular, to give it a young aspect,” she continues, adding that they “look wonderful on mature ladies” since they make your face appear “smaller and slimmer when they come down to cheek level.”

    Spiky Pixie

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    While a Halle Berry-inspired cut can draw attention to your gorgeous features, Abdullah advises against making it appear overly spiky while styling, as this may accentuate any hair loss or draw focus to your scalp. “This is a terrific way to show everyone how much you’re lacking up top,” she advises, explaining that “the spikes create equal sections of vacant scalp.”

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