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    Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes When Applying Face Serum

    Face serums have recently gained popularity as beauty gurus advocate their use to boost natural brightness. However, because face serums are less often used than moisturisers, many people are unaware of how to use them properly. This is available in both liquid and gel form, both of which are light but potent. Just 2-3 drops of serum are required to penetrate the skin and supply you with the remarkable advantages. However, in order to reap all of the benefits, you must understand how to apply a face serum. We discussed five frequent blunders that women make when using a face serum in this article.

    Applying With A Dropper

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    You’re doing it wrong if you use a dropper to apply the serum directly to your skin. This approach carries a considerable risk of infection. Always use your hands to administer the serum. Apply a few drops to your hand and rub them all over your face. Do not let the dropper come into contact with your face.

    Rubbing the serum

    If you rub face serum into your skin, it may irritate it and create outbreaks. After applying the serum, gently pat it into the skin to allow it to absorb. Massage the serum into the skin in upward and circular strokes. This allows you to apply the serum to the most parts of your face in the least amount of time.

    3 Using serum in large quantity
    When it comes to applying face serum, little is more. Serum, unlike moisturisers and sunscreen, should be administered sparingly. Excessive use might make the skin greasy. Furthermore, utilising it in excess will not yield positive benefits. Simply apply three to four drops of serum at a time.

    4 Not cleansing the face before serum application

    Before applying the serum, thoroughly cleanse the face. This would allow the serum to penetrate deeply without being obstructed. There is dirt and debris on your face that needs to be removed before applying serum; exfoliating the skin will provide additional benefits.

    5 Not checking ingredients

    Different products include different substances that may not be suitable for all users. Many people do not pay attention to the chemicals in it, which leads to unexpected problems. Serums with a liquid consistency are best for oily skin, while individuals with dry skin should go for an oil-based serum. Itching, acne, and rashes might result from not utilising the serum according to the skin’s needs.

    How to apply serum

    • The serum should be applied to the face and neck twice a day.
    • After bathing and washing the face, apply serum.
    • The serum can be applied to the skin a second time before bedtime.
    • Before applying the serum, cleanse your face.
    • Take 3 to 4 drops in your hand and apply to your face.
    • Apply the serum in a circular and upward motion with a soft touch.
    • Finally, if you have sensitive skin, seek the advice of a specialist before using a face serum.

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