Monday, November 28, 2022

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    Douyin Blush: How to Get the Perfect Natural Flush

    The Douyin Blush trend has been sweeping the internet recently, and I was curious to see if it could give me the perfect natural flush that I have been looking for so long. So I decided to try it out and see what happened! While this new way of achieving a natural glow may be intimidating at first, it really isn’t as hard as you may think. I was even able to recreate a famous Chinese popstar’s unique blush with only 5 steps! Let me show you how to do it yourself with my step-by-step video tutorial!

    When it comes to producing cosmetics and beauty hacks, TikTok is not afraid, particularly those that use blush. I’ve been using TikTok’s “sunburn blush” hack virtually every time I apply makeup, and I recently tested out a hack I spotted on the app where I combined blush with concealer to mask under eye circles (it actually worked). I knew I had to attempt the “douyin blush” craze that was sweeping the app when I heard about it.

    The blush fad, according to TikTok, started in China and later spread to Korea, Japan, the UK, and most recently the US. By applying blush to parts of the face where the sun would naturally shine, this trend claims to give the face more depth and dimension. Despite being comparable to the viral “sunburn blush” fad, it calls for much more blush and more pointed placement.

    VC : @firnaalisha | Tiktok

    I positioned myself in front of a mirror, took my blush, and a damp beauty blender to test the trick. Because the style calls for specific facial location, I made careful to chose a cream blush that I could easily “draw” with. I initially tried it with a stick blush from Colorescience, but since it’s more pigmented, I ended up repeating it with the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20). I also discovered that a blush with a doe-foot applicator was simpler to draw with than one with a stick shape.

    Although I’ve seen TikTokers experimenting with the blush trend on both bare skin and foundation, I choose to stick with a tinted sunscreen as my foundation instead. From there, I drew V-shaped lines of blush on the chin, each cheek, the inside of each eye, and the tip of my nose. There were some V-shapes that were upside down and others that were sideways. I then used a damp beauty sponge to blend everything together.

    (Pro tip: If you want to try out this trend, be sure you use a cream blush or a liquid blush; if you don’t have a blush product with a doe-foot applicator, I suggest mixing some blush with some foundation and using a makeup brush to draw exact lines on your face.)

    When it came time to evaluate the results, I discovered that the douyin-blush trend had given me a really natural-looking flush that quite closely resembled the appearance of spending all day in the sun. Particularly appealing to me were the subtle connections between the cheek and eye regions and the blush’s appearance around my eyes.

    PC : POPSUGAR Photography, Renee Rodriguez

    The chin blush was the only feature I didn’t like. My chin has never previously received any blush. I detest any redness on my chin because it usually indicates that I’m breaking out in pimples. I adored how this looked on my nose, eyes, and cheeks, but I won’t use the chin location in the future because I don’t think it enhances my features.

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