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    Dylan O’Brien Goes Blond! See His Buzz Cut Transformation

    Lately, there’s been buzz on the internet about Dylan O’Brien changing his look by dying his hair blond. As one of our favorite actors and the star of Teen Wolf, we had to see this transformation and learn more about it! The results are definitely drastic, but we love it! What do you think? Check out the gallery below to see pictures from different events that show off his new hairstyle! Do you like it or did you prefer him with darker hair? Let us know in the comments!

    How TikTok Informed the Hair Looks in “Not Okay”

    Image Source: Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

    It’s not only you (and us, and everyone else…) who finds inspiration in the throwback hairstyles trending on TikTok; Vanis and “Not Okay” director Quinn Shephard also did so for Deutch and O’Brien’s characters throughout the movie.

    It all started with a text message from Quinn that contained an image that she had downloaded from TikTok, according to the woman. “We decided to capitalise on the recent resurgence of the ’90s and basically got a tonne of inspiration from real influencers as well as Zoey. We just searched on Instagram.”

    Keeping up with the latest hair trends to include into the movie was also a high priority because the film is so closely related to internet culture, which is continuously changing every day. It’s amusing because we created several TikTok videos with popular sounds and then said, “But these won’t be popular when we release them. Although we were aware of it, there wasn’t much we could do about it.

    We created a variety of looks for Deutch’s character instead since she isn’t really aware of herself. Although many influencers do this and are highly regimented in their appearance, we didn’t want to focus on one particular style for her because she is more erratic, trying new things, and striving to be current.

    Behind Dylan O’Brien’s Blond Transformation

    Image Source: Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Vanis wants to set the record straight before discussing O’Brien’s dramatic shift in the movie: “First of all, before working on this project, I had no idea who Dylan was; afterward, I will never forget him. He has altered my life.”

    For starters, he decided to cut all of his hair and colour it a brilliant golden colour. Although many actors prefer to visit the salon for a trim or colour before filming, he had never tinted his hair before and was very open to the idea. He entered the trailer, she explains, and we shaved his head before bleaching his hair. Vanis says that the procedure took almost five hours. To achieve the colour as light as we required, we had to bleach it twice.

    Image Source: Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Then, as anybody who has previously bleached their hair is aware, touch-ups may take a lot of time, which they of course did not have. “That was a little challenging since he only filmed for five days and his hair grows really quickly. We undoubtedly experienced a “Oh sh*t” moment. What will we do about his ancestry?” The answer, she claims? “I used a colour pen to paint his hairline and dilute [the grow-out] rather than battling it when we were filming and his roots started to come in.”

    However, it was worthwhile to put in the effort: “He suddenly appeared to be a different person. The moment the paparazzi started snapping pictures of him, they started to leak, and everyone was like, “Wait, what? Is he blonde? Being able to change someone into a shape that nobody has ever seen him before was a lot of pleasure.”

    The Hair Products She Used Most Frequently on Set

    Image Source: Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

    The main objective for Vanis’ color-treated hair was to remain healthy during filming because Zoey had blond hair in the front and because “we sometimes had five [hairstyle] changes in a day,” according to Vanis. “The Ouai Heat Protecting Spray ($28) had me completely enamoured. I used that every time we had to flat iron her hair.”

    When that happened, she turned to the May11 Hair Oil ($83), and the group “went through bottles” of the In Common Hair Elixir ($32), which is designed to fortify and give shine to hair. To ensure that her hair was extremely healthy, “we used a lot of things to cover it,” adds Vanis.

    How the Team Faked Vulnerability Using Beauty

    Image Source: Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

    Since Instagram posts from influencers are frequently edited to seem “perfect,” Vanis claims that her favourite aspect of Duetch’s metamorphosis was when they messed up her hair and makeup. “On certain days, after shooting her in high-glam, we would tell her, “OK, you’re taking off all your makeup and messing up your hair now. Her eyes were made to seem crimson by the makeup artist, which destroyed her persona. It seemed like a moment since they are the aspects of an influencer’s life that we don’t see very frequently.

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