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    Escape the Ordinary With These 6 Blissful Summer Perfumes That Make You Feel In Paradise

    The summer sun brings with it an abundance of outdoor fun, from the beach to the pool and everything in between. But who wants to smell like sunscreen when you’re trying to get your tan on? No one, that’s who! That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the best summer perfumes that will transport you to paradise every time you spritz them on, wherever you happen to be—all without breaking the bank!

    Parfums de Marly Haltane
    To many people in the 18th century, French Rococo epitomized what a person could ever want in glamour. Ornate clothing was very popular back then, as were aromatic perfumes. The latest perfume from Parfums de Marly is Haltane, inspired by the era’s noblemen and their dedication to presentation. A thoughtful and multifaceted scent composed of woods, leather, and agarwood, Haltane may seem moody at first. Even still, it is a collection of tastes that range from the fiery saffron to the pleasant surprise of praline, which would make it a commendable option for those of you who care about style and tradition.

    Image Credit : Fragrantica

    Ex Nihilo Lust in Paradise Riviera Ltd. Edition
    In 2019, Ex Nihilo released Lust in Paradise, a journey through a lush garden focused on peonies and pink peppers. Although the fragrance has not disappeared, a relaunch was scheduled for 2022. With the Riviera version, perfumer Louise Turner has turned her original composition on its head, bringing the bergamot note front and center and amplifying tropical elements like tiare flower and tuberose. Though the limited edition scent still transports wearers to an idyllic setting, the overall experience is more welcoming and warm.

    Image Credit : Perfume Master

    Dior Eden-Roc
    When it comes to glamour, few places compare to the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Since 1870, luminaries from the worlds of art, business, cinema, and literature have frequented the luxury resort on the French Riviera. Everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Pablo Picasso to Elizabeth Taylor has visited Antibes’ most famous resort so, of course, Christian Dior spent time there. While a trip to the A-list’s favorite playground isn’t affordable, perfumer François Demachy has captured this experience in the newest edition to Dior’s La Collection Privée. The scent of Eden Roc is an ode to the sea air and lazy days spent in the sun. Its allure of fresh flowers, lemon, and sea can quickly put the most meandering of days at ease, but it’s even better at being blissful on summer evenings.

    Image Credit : Colognoisseur

    Mizensir Blue Gin
    For his latest fragrance, master perfumer Alberto Morillas took bottles of gin out of the liquor cabinet. He mixed the zesty creation for Mizensir from gin and ingredients that provide its distinctive flavor. Working with juniper and blackberries, Morillas recreates the drink’s strong, pleasant scent and adds a few accompaniments. Mandarin orange and Sichuan pepper add a sweet spice note that allows the scent to explore unexpected territory and draw the attention of even teetotalers.

    Image Credit : Juliette has a gun

    Juliette Has a Gun Magnolia Bliss
    Despite this experimentalist spirit, Romano Ricci is not afraid to work with traditional means, like when Juliette Has a Gun found the nontraditional Cétalox in a lab and fashioned an entire fragrance with it, including Not A Perfume in 2010. The aroma of Magnolia Bliss is a crowd-pleaser with notes of petitgrain, peony, freesia, and summer harvest produce including nectarines, plums, ginger, and lemon, as well as the synthetic musk Ambroxan. The combination sounds straightforward on paper, but it has enough bite to stand out in a market filled with fruity florals.

    Image Credit : LUXUO

    Off-White Paperwork
    Virgil Abloh created a beauty collection to accompany his cutting-edge designs as part of one of the final projects of the Off-White creative director. Entitled Paperwork, the range was intended to promote the idea of freedom of expression. With its multiple nail polishes and pigment sticks, Virgil Abloh’s line has plenty to offer. However, the fragrances he created with perfumers Jérome Epinette, Sidonie Lancasseur, and Alexis Dadier are especially noteworthy. They each contain a different scent, such as solution No. 1 which is dominated by salty sand, contrasted by vetiver and patchouli. No. 2 They offer the smell of wood and nature with a unisex feel. They have Off-White’s interpretation of Damask rose and a fragrant mixture of lavender and eucalyptus to finish it off.

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