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    Face Contouring Tips: How to Permanently Contour Your Face Like an Expert

    Wondering how to contour your face like an expert? People often ignore their face when it comes to makeup, but we all know that the face can make or break the entire look. Unfortunately, not many of us have time to visit the salon every time we want to learn about new trends, or just have someone help us get the look that we want. However, I have gotten together with some of my friends who are experts in the field and we came up with these tips on how to contour your face like an expert and what products you should use when trying to achieve the perfect look.

    Why this focus on face contouring?

    As someone who is always looking for new ways to improve my appearance, I was intrigued when I came across the term face contouring. Contouring is a makeup technique that can be used to sculpt and define your features, and when done correctly, it can give you a completely new look. Achieving this look with beauty products like highlighters and bronzer can be difficult without the right tools. But now there are all-in-one kits designed to do just that! These kits come with everything you need for an at-home facial contouring session, which means you don’t have to buy anything else! If this sounds good to you, keep reading for some tips on how to find the best kit for your needs.

    Focus On Cheekbones

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    When it comes to face contouring, the focus is usually on the cheekbones. After all, who doesn’t want to have killer cheekbones? If you’re wondering how to get started, here are some tips from this expert. First of all, never use highlighter on your cheeks as that will make them look shiny and oily. Next, put bronzer around your forehead and hairline then work down along your jawline so that you’ll create the illusion of a higher forehead.
    Right after that, take a matte brown eye shadow and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks for depth and roundness.

    Focus On Jawline

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    When it comes to face contouring, the jawline is one of the most important areas to focus on. This is because the jawline is what defines the shape of your face. Add definition by using a bronzer or highlighter that matches your skin tone just below the cheekbones and under the jawline. Then use either a matte or shimmery powder in a shade that matches your skin tone to highlight from underneath and above the cheekbones up towards where you are shading with bronzer.

    Take Advantage Of What You Have

    You don’t need a lot of expensive products to contour your face. In fact, you can probably find everything you need right in your own makeup bag.
    Here are some tips from this expert on how to use what you have to get the perfect contoured look.

    • Use bronzer or blush as a natural cheekbone highlight.
    • Apply highlighter just below your eyebrows and along the bridge of your nose to create more definition.
    • Blend foundation down into skin for that airbrushed effect.
    • Layer concealer over the blemishes or spots you want to cover up, then add powder for full coverage.

    Know The Shape Of Your Face First

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    Before you start contouring your face, it’s important to know the shape of your face. This will help you determine where to place the bronzer, highlight, and blush. An easy way to find your face shape is to pull your hair back and look in the mirror. Then, use a lip liner or eyebrow pencil to trace the outline of your face. If you have a round face, the lines will be curved. If you have an oval face, the lines will be more straight.

    Exercise For A Rounder Look – The Best Solution Ever!

    As we age, our face loses some of its fullness and youthful contours. Sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines can all make our face look thinner and less defined. But there is a way to help regain some of that lost volume – by exercising the muscles in our face!

    Application Tools For Better Results


    There are a few key tools you’ll need to get started with face contouring. You’ll need a foundation that matches your skin tone. Second, you’ll need a highlight shade and a contour shade that are both two shades darker or lighter than your foundation. Third, you’ll need a Beauty Blender or similar makeup sponge. Fourth, you’ll need a good setting powder. And fifth, you’ll need a nice big brush to blend everything out.

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