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    Five Unexpected Ways to Wear a Fleece Jacket This Winter

    The old standby of layering your fleece jacket under a winter coat isn’t the only way to wear your favorite piece of warm-weather clothing this winter. By switching up the colors and textures of the layers around it, you can give it an entirely new feel, whether you’re taking a trip to the ski resort or just trying to make it through another day of cold weather on campus. Here are five ways to wear your fleece jacket that you probably haven’t thought of before.

    Wear a fleece jacket as an outerwear
    Wearing your fleece jacket as an outerwear is one of the best ways to keep warm this winter. If you wear it over a button-down shirt, you can enjoy the warmth and style of your fleece jacket at the same time.

    Add some accessories
    Adding some accessories will help you maximize the versatility of your jacket. You can dress it up or down depending on what the occasion calls for. For something more casual, try adding a beanie or hat and some sneakers, while for something more formal, try adding a chic scarf and statement earrings.

    Layer up with some form-fitting items

    1. Layer a sleeveless shirt under your jacket for an unexpected look.
    2. Pair with some jeans and boots for the perfect transitional outfit.
    3. Throw on some leggings, sneakers, and a hoodie over your fleece for an off-duty chill outfit you’ll love all winter long!
    4. Layer with a long, flowy dress and lace up booties for date night out on the town in style
    5. Add a striped scarf around your neck or head for a new winter accessory that will have people asking where did you get that?!
    6. Finish it off with trendy aviator sunglasses to seal the deal.

    Stick with neutrals
    A lot of people think that fleece jackets are for cold weather, but the truth is, you can wear them any time of year. In fact, they’re an especially great way to stay warm if you’re traveling or commuting in cold weather. They also work well as a light jacket during the warmer months. Here are five unexpected ways to wear a fleece jacket this winter:
    1) Layer it over jeans and leggings on casual days at home.
    2) Throw one over a blazer for work when you need something just a little more comfortable than your wool coat.
    3) Take advantage of the versatility by pairing one with your favorite dress.
    4) Slip it on before heading out for drinks so you’re not stuck deciding between too many options when it comes to deciding what to wear.

    Mix it up with different textures
    Wrap a knit sweater around your waist, with the sleeves dangling down on either side. Tuck your fleece jacket into the sweater, or wear it open as an over-sized coat. Throw on some high boots and you’re ready for winter!

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