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    Flaunt Your Inner Flirt With These Ravishing Red Makeup Looks

    Feeling flirty? Go red with your makeup look this Valentine’s Day! Red lipstick or eye shadow can add some sass to your ensemble and make you feel like the sexiest woman in the room — but if you’re not careful, it can also overpower your face, making you look like a clown. With these tips on how to choose and apply red makeup, though, you’ll be sure to get the desired effect every time!

    Vibrant red lips

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    Applying a simple red lipstick can have the power to transform your appearance. If you are wearing more minimal makeup, it will make your lips appear fuller and more voluptuous. Reds are also a great way to add color to dull skin in winter. Lastly, this color can easily be changed for different occasions: put on a vampy wine lip for evening or wear bright scarlet if you want to draw attention!

    A touch of color on your cheeks

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    Get that natural flush you get when you’ve been outside all day by applying a shimmery pink blush, then dabbing a bit of champagne eyeshadow just below your cheekbones to give the appearance of a subtle sun kiss. Sweep mascara from the root of your lashes to the tip and apply matching lipstick for a flawless finishing touch.

    Try a red smokey eye with hints of green

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    Are you yearning for a fresh look? The power of red will have people drooling over your beauty in no time. Mixing green eyeshadow into your red makeup for a sultry, seductive smokey eye is guaranteed to turn heads. Just add a dash of dark brown eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line, followed by red eyeliner on the lower lashes and finish off with mascara on both sets of lashes. Finish up with bronzer on the cheeks and lips and voila!

    Subtle but Stunning

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    -There are a lot of shades to consider when you want to choose the perfect red for your skin tone. A general rule is that if you have pink or peach undertones in your skin, then go with warmer, less vivid shades. More yellow undertones will mean cooler shades will work better.

    Bold is Beautiful too

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    Gone are the days when red is considered a rare and limited color. In 2019, we are going to see more and more shades of red! Last year’s most popular, Russian Doll, has been usurped by lighter, peachier pinks and soft corals. But if you’re like me and can’t get enough of that heady hue, I’ve got a few more to add to your list. Check out these striking red makeup looks for women.

    The classic red eyes, lips and cheeks


    Everyone knows that red lips and rouge on the cheeks are hot, but a touch of rosy lip gloss also can bring life to the face, especially when you’re feeling blah. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look by adding different colors (a bright cherry-red lip or a pinky tone). Don’t forget that your skin care regimen should complement your makeup, so use a primer before applying any type of base.

    Eyeliner Only

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    • To start out, apply a pencil eyeliner to the top lash line. Start from the inside corner of your eye and pull out along the outer edge of your eye. This will create a winged effect at the end.
    • Take a black kohl liner and fill in your lower lash line with it. Don’t worry about the space between your upper and lower lash lines– simply make small circular motions with your brush to blend them together for a smoother look.

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