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    Foundations for Oily Skin: The Best of the Best

    One of the finest things to ever happen to those with oily skin is the move toward dewy-looking cosmetics. It’s not only normal but downright stylish to have a face that isn’t completely dry thanks to companies like Glossier and Milk.

    However, there is a distinction between oil that naturally escapes from your pores and prepackaged oily-looking cosmetics that you may purchase at Sephora. Applying a matte foundation, finishing it with a small dusting of pressed powder, and then putting a highlighter on top of that is how I obtain “that wet look” on my oily face. Although there are three processes involved, such is life.

    We tried out a tonne of foundations from different companies and evaluated them for their colour range, longevity, and ability to stay matte—even when covered with masks—in order to determine which ones are the best for oily skin. Here are the top picks, ranging from high-end to drugstore.

    Givenchy Matissime Velvet Radiant Mattifying Fluid Foundation SPF 20

    PC: Pinterest

    Another superb foundation worth its hefty $55 price tag is this one. It is a full coverage, matte foundation with a velvety feel, as the name would imply. It holds its position well throughout the day and doesn’t degrade as a result of any oil underneath. It has SPF as well.

    However, this one has just nine colour options, which is quite limited. The business has recently launched Mat Mocha, a colour that is only somewhat darker than Mat Amber, which was formerly the deepest tint.

    Giorgio Armani Beauty Power Fabric Longwear Foundation


    The package is stunning, and this foundation applies creamy and luxuriously. It’s thick and dries to a lovely, subtle matte finish.

    I could feel it on my face after applying it, which is the one thing I didn’t like about it, so I’d probably prefer to use it as a basis before doing more serious going-out makeup. It has 20 different Shades.

    Dior Diorskin Forever Undercover

    PC: NNNow.Com

    One of the priciest foundations on this list is Dior’s Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation, but if you don’t mind paying $52 on foundation, I’d say it’s actually worth the money. Although it seems light and airy, it applies thick and creamy and blends smoothly for complete coverage. (I discovered it to be helpful for my oily skin’s uneven texture as well. Fun!)

    It didn’t wear off as I started to perspire and stayed on well throughout the day (I wore it on a hike and still took a selfie in the rest-stop bathroom).

    Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

    PC: EL

    This product appeals to me since it gives me the opulent, affluent, and sophisticated feeling that I hope to become eventually. The packaging’s claim that the foundation will stay in place all day is true; it applies smoothly. It has a little paint odour, which is the only issue I have. However, you could have only seen this if you were a member of the high school art club. It has 42 colour options, which is fantastic. There may, however, seem to be more dark possibilities given the sheer number of options.

    ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation

    PC: Pinterest

    Depending on how much coverage you want, I’d consider the one as more of a skin-care product than a cosmetics product, which isn’t always a negative thing. It has a pleasant aroma reminiscent of essential oils, is clean, and applies quite lightly. I wouldn’t really suggest it for someone who doesn’t want to feel greasy because it’s a serum foundation. There are just 10 colours available.

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