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    Get Ready for Summer with the 10 Best Liquid Lipsticks for Long-Lasting, Smudge-Proof Color

    Summer is the perfect time to show off your favorite bright lipstick shades, and nothing makes that easier than liquid lipstick! Liquid lipsticks have gotten increasingly popular in recent years because they make it possible to wear bold colors without having to worry about touch-ups throughout the day or ruining your look when you eat or drink. This can make them perfect if you’re planning on attending an outdoor music festival or cookout this summer! The only question left to ask yourself is which liquid lipstick is best? Here are the 10 best liquid lipsticks for long-lasting, smudge-proof color this summer!

    Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Transfer-Proof Lipstick

    Image Credit : BeautyVelle, Pinterest

    Dior uses the term transfer-proof to mean it. You can use this lipstick for anything – hot coffee, a mask, a night out – you name it. It also doesn’t dry out lips or settle into creases.

    Lip Soufflé Matte Cream Lipstick

    Whenever I’m in the market for a comfortable liquid lipstick with a velvety finish, this is the one I’ll reach for. Instead of drying out lips or making them feel tight, it keeps them hydrated and supple. Even when I drink hot coffee, it never transfers to anything.

    Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color

    Image Credit : FENTY BEAUTY

    Rihanna created a liquid lipstick that stays on pretty much through everything. When it dries, it still has a bit of creaminess, ensuring that lips look plump.

    Liquid Lipstick

    Image Credit : eBay

    It’s no wonder ABH’s liquid lipstick is so popular. Besides being highly pigmented, it’s transfer-proof and stays on for hours.

    Air Matte Liquid Lipstick

    Image Credit : Really Ree

    The secret to this liquid lipstick from Nars is the color-diffusion complex, which instantly diffuses color for a softer finish. Think of French-girl lips, which are soft and natural.

    Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain

    Image Credit :

    One of the best things about this liquid lipstick is that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing liquid lipstick. It feels so light and nourishing that you won’t even realize you’re wearing it, even though it lasts for hours on end.

    Everlasting Longwear Liquid Lipstick

    Image Credit : Sephora

    Those who remember the liquid lipstick craze of 2016 will remember KVD liquid lipsticks and how powerful they were. Because they’re one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there – they’re matte without drying out the lips.

    Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

    Image Credit : Mateja’s Beauty Blog

    What woman wouldn’t want a $4 lipstick that feels like a much more expensive formula? Okay, next question-what woman wouldn’t want a $4 lipstick that feels like a much more expensive formula? Lightweight and highly pigmented, this liquid lipstick goes on smoothly and hydrates lips.

    Love Swipe Lightweight Cushiony Lip Mousse

    Image Credit :

    Among the bunch, Kaja’s liquid lipstick is the most hydrating. Cotton-seed oil, raspberry-seed oil, and tocopherol in this formula keep lips hydrated.

    L’Absolu Lacquer Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick

    Image Credit :

    Liquid lipstick from Lancôme is comfortable and lasts all day.

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