Monday, December 5, 2022

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    Get the Perfect Winter Haircut to Stay On-Trend

    Winter is approaching, which means it’s time for a change. The days are becoming shorter, stores are starting to fill up with holiday goods, and the new year is just around the horizon. For many of us, this means changing our habits to reflect the darker, colder days ahead, as well as making resolutions for the next year.

    Winter is also an excellent season to experiment with new hairstyles. According to Bela Beauty, the dryness of the air, as well as friction from large hoods and scarves, may wreak havoc on hair throughout the winter. Regular haircuts are essential during the cold months to keep hair healthy. If you’re going to visit the salon more frequently than normal, you might as well attempt a new, trendy look. According to Healthline, getting a haircut can improve your mental health, which is ideal for avoiding seasonal sadness. However, before you set an appointment with a salon, get inspired by these five fashionable haircut ideas.

    Heavy Bangs

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    Opting for bangs is one of the simplest methods to change your style. That might explain why short fringe has become the most popular haircut trend in recent seasons. Wispy bangs, curtain bangs, and shaggy bangs are just a few of the trends popular in 2022. (via Latest Hairstyles).

    Long Barbiecore Locks

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    For the most of 2022, the Barbiecore style ruled fashion and cosmetics. What is its signature?

    Barbiecore hair, on the other hand, does not have to be pastel-colored or blonde like the original doll for winter. Consider long, voluminous hair that is equal parts 1960s bombshell and 1990s supermodel. The bangs are maintained long for the cut so you can easily get Margot Robbie’s signature sleek Barbie ponytail in the upcoming “Barbie” live-action film (via E! News). Consider adding extensions if your hair isn’t already long. And for fine hair that struggles to keep volume.

    Buzzed Pixie

    PC: Glamour

    Expect to see some (equally stunning) knockoffs this winter — or become one yourself. Nature Laboratory According to Tokyo’s worldwide ambassador Marty Harper, short pixies are popular among individuals who are ready to let go of the old, thick hair they hauled about throughout the epidemic. Furthermore, this haircut is appropriate for a wide range of hair types and textures.

    Blunt Bobs And Lobs

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    Bobs and lobs come in a variety of forms and styles, but blunt cuts are popular this season. Hairstylist Devin Toth described the style as “blunt, with no layers or gradation.” “It’s almost like a wig.” The style previously dominated Fall 2022 hair trends, and it looks to be here to stay even when the seasons shift. Kendall Jenner just debuted an angular bob on the Autumn/Winter 2022 cover of Pop magazine (via Instagram), and the TikTok hashtag “bluntbob” continues to gain popularity.

    Jellyfish Haircut

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    You’ve already heard of the popular octopus haircut, but this winter, look for another aquatic creature to make an appearance in the form of the jellyfish haircut. Both styles are similar and experiment with different hair lengths. The jellyfish haircut, on the other hand, has sharper angles, with a short blunt cut in the front and longer hair in the rear. Consider it a futuristic, anime-style mull.

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