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    [Growth Secrets] The Secrets to Growing Thicker, Longer Hair

    For hairstylists, the query of “how to develop thicker hair” is all too often. At some time in their lives, more than 50% of women experience hair loss, and this percentage has only risen in recent years: 22% of women reported coping with hair loss after receiving COVID.

    There is no one proper response to the topic that most beauty gurus are asked about dealing with hair loss. Most of us are prepared to try (or purchase!) everything to get rich hair, from applying nourishing hair masks and scalp oils to taking hair-growth vitamins and utilising thickening shampoos. On the other hand, don’t spend your time on medications or goods that won’t help you. Keep things simple is the most important professional advice. According to Debby Vellozzi, vice president of product development at Virtue Labs, “Less is more when it comes to boosting hair growth, but compliance is crucial.” “Growth products are supposed to be taken daily, and while results take time to appear, they are effective.

    Use the Right Shampoo & Conditioner

    It should go without saying that various hair types require specific products that are suited to their respective needs. To make their hair look thicker and glossier, Jenny Balding, co-owner of the Cutler x Arlo salon, suggests that people with fine hair choose shampoos and conditioners that enhance volume, such the Redken High Rise Volume. For folks with coarse hair, Balding suggests using hydrating and frizz-controlling conditioners like Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Conditioner, followed by a nourishing cream (try Salwa Petersen Chébé de Tchad). The CEO and founder of Harklinikken, Lars Skjoth, advises selecting a shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp and a conditioner that encourages hair growth as a general guideline.

    Don’t Over-Wash

    A nice thing taken too far might be bad for your hair. The most common error she observes customers making, according to Lucy Flora, stylist at Suite Reyad at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, is over-washing.

    The natural oils in the hair are the best for enhancing shine, according to Flora. Regularly brushing your hair softly will assist the natural oils spread throughout your hair (more on that below). Just don’t wait more than a few days between shampoos; in order to keep your scalp healthy, you still need to rinse away product buildup. Bringing up your scalp…

    Start with Your Scalp

    Don’t sleep on your scalp if you want to develop hair. (Well, you get the idea.) According to Blaisure, the scalp has a diverse microbiome that is essential for maintaining the health of the skin and the hair it produces. Lack of shampooing or the use of strong cleaners causes skin issues that hinder hair development. Our first line of defence against toxins and other environmental aggressors is our skin, which has immunity-boosting capabilities. The scalp cannot defend itself when it is compromised,

    Get the Blood Flowing

    Try giving yourself a scalp massage first, which increases blood flow and helps break up scar tissue in the hair follicle to boost thickness, before stocking up on promising goods. Apply little pressure while making tiny, circular strokes with your fingertips. Skjoth cautions that, despite the rise in popularity of scalp massagers, using metal or sharp rubber implements might potentially harm hair follicles and inhibit hair development. When performed correctly, a daily scalp massage may significantly improve the microcirculation of the hair follicles, especially when combined with a serum like a specifically formulated Harklinikken Extract, the author continues.

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