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    Have You Been Hydrating and Moisturizing Correctly?

    Moisturizing and hydrating are not the same thing! They both have different purposes, so it’s important to know the difference between the two in order to keep your skin healthy, moisturized and hydrated. If you don’t understand the difference between moisturizing and hydrating your skin, you could be doing more harm than good! This article will explain the differences between moisturizing and hydrating, why they’re different, what each one does to your skin and how you should be using them correctly in order to maintain healthy skin every day of the year!

    What are the differences between hydration and moisturization?
    Hydration is the process of replenishing water in the body. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated from both inside and out as dehydration can lead to dry, wrinkled skin. There are a few ways to hydrate your body from within, like drinking more water or eating more fruits and vegetables. To hydrate your skin on the outside, you can use lotions and moisturizers that are made for that purpose.

    How can you tell if you need to hydrate or moisturize?
    The key to hydrate or moisturize is based on a few different factors. The main factor is dryness of your skin. If you have dry skin, then hydration will be the best route for you. If your skin is oily or normal, then moisturizing may be the better option for you. The next thing to consider when deciding if you need to hydrate or moisturize is how long it takes for the skin’s natural oils to return after washing.

    What are your best options for skin hydration products?
    Since skin hydration is so important to healthy skin, it’s essential to find the right products. Here are my five favorite skin hydration products: * Aquaphor ointment * Eucerin lotion * Aveeno lotion * Vaseline petroleum jelly * Curel lotion * Lubriderm lotion
    While these are some of the most popular brands for moisturizers, they do not offer as much hydration as other options.

    What are your best options for skin moisturization products?
    Now that we’ve established what hydration is, let’s discuss the different types of moisturizers. A good rule of thumb is to use a light-weight moisturizer during the day and a more rich moisturizer at night when skin cells are in their resting phase. These products will also help lock in moisture so it doesn’t evaporate throughout the day. Depending on your skin type, you may need to use an extra layer of protection depending on the season or location.

    Should you be alternating between hydrating and moisturizing, or combining them?
    Your skin is a living, breathing organ that constantly needs hydration to stay healthy and look its best. If you are dehydrated, your skin will lose some elasticity, which will cause it to wrinkle prematurely. Plus, if you don’t moisturize at the same time as hydrating with water or a hydrating serum, your skin will lack the hydration it needs to be plump and radiant.

    Conclusions on how to use hydration vs. moisturization in your skincare routine
    Hydration is the process of your skin retaining moisture. This process is stimulated by the presence of water in your skin. When you don’t have enough water, your skin will become dry, which can lead to wrinkles and premature aging. The best way to hydrate your skin is to drink plenty of water throughout the day or add moisturizers with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine.

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