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    Here are 5 sustainable Indian brands that use quality, mindful ingredients.

    As customers’ preferences become more conscious, the number of sustainable beauty companies in India continues to expand. Beauty trends that rely mostly on quality materials acquired sustainably, thoughtfully, and slowly are consolidating their hard-earned place in the Indian beauty business. Slow beauty is promoted by brands that prioritise the interests of the environment. Slow beauty, like slow fashion, is based on investing in items made using sustainable methods and mindfully sourced quality ingredients. It not only pushes us to consume more slowly, but it also physically urges us to slow down, take some time away from the fast-paced world, and care for our bodies and wellbeing.

    With the development of many new cosmetic products in recent years, it is not uncommon to see 10-step or even 12-step skincare programmes that overwhelm customers. Slower and simpler beauty routines, on the other hand, may work better for your skin. These sustainable options include everything from scientifically managed skin care to Ayurvedic rituals. Slow and sustainable beauty firms prioritise the earth, the manufacturers, and their customers, producing a win-win situation for all parties and allowing you to look amazing with minimum (if any) environmental impact!

    Here are our top 5 sustainable Indian beauty brands that use high-quality, environmentally sensitive products.


    PC: Purearth

    Purearth, a Vogue Beauty Festival award winner for sustainability, aims to create a stronger bond between the earth and skincare. They strive to nourish the mind, body, and spirit with their clean beauty and wellness programme, with the majority of their materials obtained from the altitudes of the Himalayas by women’s self-help organisations and other micro-credit groups. Along with prioritising the source and the manufacturer, they use high-quality ingredients that are sustainably obtained and at the pinnacle of their potency. Their mineral and plant-based compositions are Ayurvedic tradition-based, zero-waste, and slow beauty-focused.

    Pahadi Local

    PC: LBB

    Pahadi Local defines luxury via awareness, believing that luxury is found in simplicity. With their conscientious skincare and haircare products, you may appreciate nature at its purest and bring it directly from the hills into your house. All of their ingredients are derived from the Himalayas in a sustainable manner, and their goal is to give back to the region through various ecological programmes, support for local people, and fair pricing.

    Ruby’s Organics

    PC: LBB

    Ruby’s Organics offers a sustainable beauty line that is simple, basic, and functional. It was one of the earliest organic cosmetics beauty businesses in India. Their unique plant and mineral-based cosmetics contains bio-actives and other skin-loving quality components that blur the boundaries between makeup and skincare. Their components are gentle on the face and the environment, with multipurpose makeup that works to protect, nourish, and care for your skin.


    PC: Aminu

    Aminu’s mission is to create products that help people attain and maintain healthy, young, and naturally radiant skin, based on a fundamental understanding of skin, substances, and human sciences. Aminu specialises on clean, safe, and environmentally friendly skincare, with a solution for every skin type and issue. Their products include no microplastics, and their packaging contains no single-use plastics.

    Lisén Skincare

    PC: lisenskincare

    Lisén’s efficient high-grade solutions are designed specifically for Indian skin, as skincare is a continually growing, non-linear journey. This sustainable beauty business aims to address all of your skin’s demands by using worldwide labs and the ideals of honesty, recycling, and positivity. Lisén’s goal is to create a positive skincare culture. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients, are hypoallergenic, contain no parabens, and are good for all skin types.

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