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    Here are Katrina Kaif’s top makeup hacks and her perfect base makeup secret

    Over the past 20 years, with over 40 movies, a successful beauty brand, and a million hearts under her belt, Katrina Kaif has moved from being a newcomer to becoming one of the most recognizable names and faces in every corner of the globe. She started Kay Beauty because of her love of makeup – an affordable cosmetics line that has been a hit with girls and boys alike. The beauty company, Kay Beauty, has made quite the impression in the last three years, developing a passionate fan base that adores their brand and newfound muse Katrina Kaif. Throughout the years, when it comes to beauty, she’s experimented with a myriad of looks—smoky eyes, boldly colored lips, a minimalist fresh face—but, in the end, we think her all-time favorite is her most loved look. At VBF2022, we chatted with Katrina Kaif herself and had her reveal all of her secrets on beauty and wellness.

    That one makeup hack that you always return to

    Katherine Kaif – Contour. After discovering contour, I could never go back.

    Applying makeup before your skincare regime

    In order to ensure that your foundation sits properly, moisturiser is a must-have for me before applying makeup.

    If we were to raid your vanity kit, which makeup or skincare product would we find in multiples?

    I consider The Kay Beauty Lip Crayon to be one of the company’s biggest achievements. Our lip crayon has just the right amount of moisture for your lips, a long-lasting formula, and the most amazing colors.

    What is one beauty rule that you have always followed?

    I would say the one beauty rule for me is to always leave home feeling good about yourself when you look in the mirror. So if there’s ever something I’ve tried or wanted to try, but others weren’t into it, it might be something to do with clothes, jewellery, lip colour, or whatever. I’ll always try it, but if I don’t feel comfortable, I’ll always throw it away.

    Any look you loved at the red carpet that has yet to fade from your memory?

    So, one time, there was this person whose name we will not mention, who encouraged me to try a top-knot. It was not a full top-knot, just a half-topknot. So, I sort of looked like a samurai, and I’m not entirely sure I was looking my best.

    Just one tip for keeping your skin healthy from your dermatologist.

    What I’ve been told is the best way to keep your skin healthy is to use sunscreen every day. Prevention is better than a cure.

    Your one wellness fetish?

    A wellness fetish would be acupuncture.

    A celebrity’s recent beauty look that has you gasping.

    In Cannes, Deepika wore some really stunning looks.

    On your getting-ready playlist, you currently have this song playing.

    My current favorite song is Feels Like by Mickey Singh.

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