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    How to Create Five Gorgeous Eyeliner Looks for Women’s Makeup

    Most women love eyeliner because it can dramatically improve their appearance. Eyeliner comes in an array of colors and shapes, and every woman can create her own unique looks with it. This article contains tips on how to create five gorgeous eyeliner looks that women will love. Read on to learn more about these easy-to-create looks!

    Solid Color Liner on Upper Lid

    1. Line the upper lid with a solid color liner. This can be in any shape from a basic straight line to a winged cat eye.
    2. Fill in the other half of the eyelid with black pencil, using dark colors for nighttime or shimmery colors for daytime wear.
    3. Add a dash of mascara on top and bottom lashes for extra drama.
    4. If you are trying to create more subtle makeup look, just add some mascara on top lashes only and skip the bottom lashes or vice versa.
    5. Finish off with applying some lip gloss on your lips

    Gradient Color Liner
    This look is just as simple as it sounds: simply take black liquid liner and start applying a gradient, moving from a dark shade at the lash line, to a medium-shade in the middle of the eyelid, and then gradually lightening up until you reach the brow bone. Start off by lining your upper lash line and making sure your eyes are wide open so that the makeup doesn’t get close to your natural lashes.

    Solid Color Liner on Lower Lid
    This subtle look is perfect for a daytime makeup routine and can also be an elegant evening makeup look. I used Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyelinde Stick in Smoke ($22) which I loved as it glides on really easily and lasts all day. For this look, I placed the eyeliner pencil just below my lashes on the outside corner of my lower lid. This makes your eyes really stand out while still remaining natural looking.

    Cream Liner with Strobing Highlights
    For this look, apply a few coats of black or deep brown cream liner, letting it dry between each layer. After all the layers are applied, create an alternating pattern of triangular strokes going one direction and the other direction. For a finishing touch, use highlighter at the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bone. This creates a beautiful highlighting effect!

    Black Cat Eye
    We’ll start with the classic black cat eye. This iconic look works best with a dark, rich-hued liquid eyeliner in a dramatic pointed line. The flick should extend from the top lid towards the outer corner of your eye, ending just before it meets your lash line. To avoid going too far past your lash line, give your hand a break and stop about an inch from the end of your lashes.

    Double Winged Liner
    Inspired by the new trend of double winged liner? Never done this before? Here are five easy steps that will have you creating these looks in no time!

    1. Line both your top and bottom lids as if you were doing a standard winged liner, but go about halfway up on each eye rather than stopping at the outer corner of your eye. For those with hooded eyelids, start a little higher.
    2. Take a flat brush or fan brush dipped in makeup remover and gently erase any excess liner along the upper lid without going over any crease or lash line.
    3. Next, take an angled brush dipped in black eyeshadow and create a line from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your eyebrow arch.
    4. Use the same angled brush and dip it into light brown eyeshadow (to mimic natural hairs) and draw lines between the previous lines to add definition. Finish by drawing one more line at the end of your brow.
    5. Clean up any mistakes using cotton swabs soaked in makeup remover, then seal everything in place with a final layer of mascara on both top and bottom lashes for a dramatic finish!

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