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    How to Get a Facelift with Just Makeup

    A facelift is a cosmetic surgery technique that gives the face a raised, youthful appearance. It tightens facial tissues and decreases skin sagging. But because going under the knife isn’t for everyone, here’s how to achieve a sculpted, toned face with just makeup!

    The popular makeup hack focuses on blending all applied makeup upwards and strategically angling it all to create the illusion of a facelift. Yes, you can achieve a faux-lift with this makeup trick.

    Base makeup

    The first step toward achieving a flawless look is to create a smooth, even base as a canvas for makeup application. It also hydrates the skin and keeps makeup from drying out. Using a beauty blender or cosmetic sponge to blend in the base provides the most equal and effective coverage, producing the perfect canvas for your facelift.

    Minimal concealer

    When it comes to concealer, the ‘less is more’ mentality is effective. Concealer applied to the inner and outer corners of the eyes and lifted upwards usually offers a wonderful effect. This allows you to achieve amazing effects while using less product!

    Blend contour upwards

    It is critical to constantly blend upwards when contouring your face. This is easier to do with a cream contour, which not only elevates your face but also prevents it from seeming dingy.

    Blush placement

    To get a raised appearance, use the blush draping technique. Instead of flushing the apples of the cheeks, it is applied to the high points of the face, giving your face a more contoured and snatched appearance. Blush applied to the cheekbones and even the temples will help to sculpt and contour the face.

    Highlighting up and out

    A dab of highlight at the tip of the nose, cheekbones, and the high point of the brows can draw attention to the bone structure, making the skin appear tighter and flawlessly sculpted.

    Winging eyeliner at 45°

    Winging your eyeliner can help to raise your cheeks and eyes. Instead of bringing the eyeliner down after crossing your pupil region, bring it up to create a raised look. This is easier to trace if you hold your pen at a 45-degree angle first, then draw the wing out, making an upwardly angled cat eye. It also causes the eyes to appear larger and brighter.

    Lifting lashes with mascara

    Concentrate your mascara on the centre of your eyes rather than the sides to give your lashes the most lift. This can produce a doe-eyed look that never fails to astonish.

    Brushing the brows

    While brushing your brows to add volume, take the brush upwards and give yourself a tiny arch to give your face a tight, elongated look. It will also make your eyes appear brighter and more alert!

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