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    How To Make Your Own Amla Oil For Beautiful, Healthy Hair

    Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a popular fruit in India. This is one of the best home remedies for a variety of issues, but today we will focus on its benefits for hair difficulties. Ayurveda cites the usefulness of Indian gooseberry or Amla for skin and hair. It is excellent for skincare and haircare because it is high in vitamin C and E. You should drink amla, but applying the goodness of amla on your scalp and hair can bring numerous benefits. It is best obtained by adding amla or Indian gooseberry oil on your hair. Though packaged amla oil is widely available, producing organic amla oil at home can produce greater results because it is pure and free of adulteration. Let us show you how to create amla oil at home and how to use it.

    How to Prepare Amla Oil

    • To manufacture organic amla oil, deseed some gooseberries and ground them into a thin pulp.
    • Pour some coconut oil, almond oil, or whichever hair oil you choose into a bottle.
    • Close the lid after mixing the mixture with the oil.
    • Set aside the bottle for a week or ten days.
    • After 10 days, strain the mixture to separate the oil.
    • Keep it in another bottle or jar where you may utilise oil.
    • Your handcrafted organic and pure amla oil is complete.

    How to Apply Gooseberry Oil

    • To begin, you must use this oil twice a week to achieve the desired benefits. Using it once a week or once every two weeks will not generate the results you have worked so hard for.
    • Warm the oil slightly before applying it to your scalp and hair.
    • It would be ideal if you could grease your hair the night before you wash it.
    • Otherwise, wait 40 minutes between applying the oil and washing your hair.
    • To achieve better results, use herbal or chemical-free shampoo.

    Amla Oil Advantages

    Amla oil is extremely good for hair loss, scalp infections, premature hair graying, and other hair issues. It is the most effective Ayurvedic hair treatment. Gooseberry contains vitamin C as well as other essential minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus, which help to maintain the hair and scalp healthy. Did you know that ladies used amla as a natural dye in the past? This is due to the fact that Amla oil can colour whitened hair.

    Aside from using amla hair oil to treat hair problems, you should also take amla or Indian gooseberry in whatever form you want. Raw or in salads, amla juice, or amla candy, to mention a few applications. Amla is a good source of vitamin C, with one amla providing the same amount as three oranges. Many other fruits and vegetables contain more vitamin C than oranges. Furthermore, amla improves liver health by removing toxins from the body. As a result, experts recommend drinking amla juice first thing in the morning. Amla also acts as a blood purifier and immune booster. Amla might help enhance your vision if you have poor vision.

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