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    How to Rock the 80s Fashion Trend as a Teen

    It’s 2022 and everyone is going retro, 80s-style! If you want to rock this trend but aren’t too sure how to do it right, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with this handy how-to guide on rocking the ‘80s fashion trend as a teen. Now you can look cool at school and score major points with your parents!

    Parents always remember the 80s
    You can definitely rock this style and stay true to your teenage self. You just need to find out what looks best on you, choose classic pieces with an edge and know how to accessorize! We’ve made it easy for you with some tips.
    -Stay true to your fashion personality by knowing what trends look best on you! Some people should steer clear of skinny jeans or polka dots, but others love them. Dressing like yourself will help you feel more confident.
    -Wear comfortable clothing that you’re not afraid to show off: If you want to wear skinny jeans, make sure they fit comfortably and are not too tight. If you have muscular legs and arms, don’t shy away from sleeveless tops and tank tops.
    -Accessorize wisely: The ’80s were all about jewelry so dress up your outfit with earrings, bracelets or even necklaces.

    Who can pull off an 80s outfit?
    The 1980s were an iconic decade for fashion. But, if you’re not sure that an outfit from this era is right for you, then check out these tips: 1) Find your fashion style – are you a minimalist? A maximalist? 2) Figure out your colour palette – if you have a favourite colour, try to pull clothes in different shades of it and see how they look together 3) Make your outfit work with what’s in your closet.

    Top trends from the 1980s
    One of the most notable fashion trends from the 1980s is extremely high-waisted denim jeans. Knee-high socks, plaid shirts, and vests were also popular during this time. Lots of people used tons of hairspray for their hairdos in order to give them more volume. In terms of accessories, many women wore brightly colored earrings and jangly bracelets to complete their outfit.

    The colors from the 1980s
    Look for these colors when searching for 1980s clothing and accessories: Black, Red, Gold, Navy Blue, Olive Green. Sleeveless tops with midriff exposure or designs like stripes or tie-dye were popular choices in the early days of rockin’ out in the ’80s. Shorts in neon colors came into fashion later on.

    The hairstyles from the 1980s
    Hairstyles during the 1980s came in all different shapes and sizes. Some of the more popular ones include the mullet, feathered bangs, and Perm hair. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to maintain, try out a basic short cut with some side bangs. These styles are some of the most iconic from this decade!

    The accessories from the 1980s
    Accessories from the 1980s are relatively simple to replicate if you know what you’re looking for. Whether it’s neon or hair scrunchies, there’s no need to go without your favorite accessories. A few suggestions would be to wear all red or blue, put on high-waisted shorts, and wear some skinny jeans that come up above your ankle with some pretty sneakers!

    Love thy neon
    This year, our culture is celebrating the ’80s–remember that iconic decade of neon colors, high hair and spandists. Well, you don’t have to wait for a nostalgia-fueled trip back in time to get your fix of big hair and bold colors. Neon accessories are making waves this season in stores, but here’s how you can rock it at school before break starts (or in your own time).

    Say hello to leggings!
    Retro, leg-baring styles are all the rage this season and no one looks better in them than you. So get up off that couch, break out your finest pair of heels and practice that hair flip because it’s time to bring back leggings with panache!
    With their extremely flattering fit and vibrant colors, leggings have been trending for months now but don’t be surprised if you’re getting some serious side eye from a few of your friends; after all, wearing leggings outside of your workout is still considered taboo by some.

    How to make your own DIY costume without breaking your bank
    Now that Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to start making your costume! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find DIY tutorials for dressing up like your favorite character without spending too much money. The internet is filled with great guides for ideas and costumes on Pinterest and YouTube. If you don’t have any crafting skills or even if you do, you can always buy what you need from thrift stores and dollar stores. When it comes to DIYing, using items from around the house can also be a good option if you’re not feeling particularly creative but still want to dress up like your favorite cartoon or movie character.

    Try on retro items you already have in your closet

    A great way to show off your retro style is by pulling out some of your favorite items from childhood. For example, I found my old Care Bears t-shirt and ripped jeans and immediately felt cool again. The best part about this trend is that you don’t have to go out and buy anything– just put on what you already have!

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