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    How to use Ayurvedic tips for shiny, voluminous hair

    In the modern world, most of us are stuck in our daily routines, with little or no time to think about ourselves and our appearance. The good news is that with the increasing popularity of Ayurveda, we have access to thousands of tried-and-true Ayurvedic tips that can be incorporated into our lives with little effort or time expenditure. And one of the best ways you can incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your life is through your hair care routine!

    Aloe Vera

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    Ayurveda teaches us that Aloe Vera is a natural remedy for a lot of things. It helps with everything from moisturizing dry skin to soothing sunburns and burns. It also happens to be one of the best ingredients you can put in your shampoo or conditioner. The plant’s natural oils balance the scalp and reduce oil production, while simultaneously adding shine and volume.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

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    Use apple cider vinegar as a rinse when washing your hair. It will help cleanse the hair and scalp of any buildup from product and oil. It also helps to restore moisture, elasticity and shine to your locks!

    Castor Oil

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    Apply a small amount of castor oil to your scalp and massage gently. This can help stimulate the follicles, which could lead to stronger and healthier hair.

    The oil is also rich in fatty acids which can help combat dandruff and dry scalp by lubricating the skin.

    You can also apply it on your fingernails and cuticles or lips as it has healing properties that may help with any dryness there.

    Coconut oil

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    It’s also a great carrier oil because it easily blends with other essential oils such as lavender or tea tree. You can apply the coconut oil by scooping out about a teaspoon and rubbing it into your wet locks or you can add a few drops of tea tree essential oils or lavender essential oil to the coconut oil before applying it.

    Fenugreek Seeds

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    A few drops of fenugreek oil in your shampoo will give you voluminous locks. Mix the oil with coconut oil or sesame oil and add a few drops to a teaspoon of shampoo. To keep it smelling fresh, add a few drops of lavender and tea tree oils. Rub the mixture onto your scalp and leave it on for five minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.

    Green Tea

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    Ayurvedic medicine is the ancient Indian system of natural healing. It was believed that herbal treatments were the most effective cures for many health problems, and green tea has been used by Ayurveda practitioners since ancient times. The benefits are clear: it helps your skin stay youthful and healthy, it can improve cholesterol levels in your blood and it can be used as an antiseptic!

    Henna & Onion Juice

    Henna and onion juice are both rich in antioxidants and minerals. They can help promote healthy scalp and reduce the effects of dandruff. To make the henna paste, combine 1 teaspoon of ground henna with 1 tablespoon of water to form a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your scalp from roots to ends with your fingers or a brush before leaving it on for an hour or overnight. Then rinse it off with cool water, shampooing as usual.

    Oats and Yogurt Mask

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    Place a 1/2 cup of oats in a bowl and then add enough yogurt to cover the oats. Add honey (1-3 tablespoons depending on length) and mix. Apply mask all over hair, making sure not to miss the ends. Cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and leave on for 30 minutes before washing out with shampoo.

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