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    Introducing the New Body Care Line That Will Completely Transform Your Skin

    Skin care can be extremely difficult to navigate and often feels like a trial-and-error process, but that doesn’t have to be the case! This new line of body care products will completely transform your skin, leaving it healthy and radiant, no matter what your skin type may be. Whether you have dry, sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, this company has every body care product you could ever need to keep your skin clean and clear.


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    Exfoliating is important to slough off dead skin cells, but exfoliation can be done in different ways. You can use a loofah or body scrub as an exfoliant. These items not only get rid of dead skin cells but also help create healthy new ones for a brighter complexion.


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    Lotus Honey Beeswax is made from all natural, USDA certified organic beeswax and pure ethically sourced oils from around the world. The company works with small producers and family-owned companies that use sustainable farming practices. The body lotion moisturizes skin, leaves it feeling soft, silky, and healthy.

    Treating acne and zits

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    Many of us have been there – dealing with a large amount of acne or small breakouts. You can never quite get rid of it, no matter what you do. The following products will help your skin look cleaner and feel fresher without any harsh side effects:
    Clean & Clear® Spot Treatments- these treatments are perfect for those who have stubborn acne or just want to prevent acne before it starts popping up on their face.

    Treating sunburns


    There’s nothing worse than a sunburn, which is often caused by forgetting to put on sunscreen and ending up working in the garden for hours or just not being careful enough with how long you are out in the sun. The worst part about it is that once you get a sunburn, it can take days to go away even if you do everything possible to help with your skin. The secret? Hydrocortisone cream (which we always have on hand!). As soon as I feel my skin start to itch, I apply this ointment all over the affected area, and sometimes it helps soothe my discomfort before I have time to shower. For those times when you are dealing with a serious burn, taking a cool bath or shower will also help relieve some of the discomfort. And when all else fails there is always ibuprofen!

    Cooling down the skin during summer

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    The summer heat is a real challenge for your skin, with its often high-humidity and scorching sun. This can make it challenging to find ways to cool down your skin without opting for harsh cooling creams that may do more harm than good. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways you can get relief from this weather.

    Soothing sore muscles

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    Did you know that you can use a clay mask to soothe sore muscles? How about using some essential oils to keep your skin moist and glowing? And did you know that natural ingredients like coconut oil, honey, and avocado can be an affordable and effective substitute for expensive facial treatments? Check out this list of must-have skin care products with all sorts of solutions for every beauty concern.

    Remove excess oil from your face

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    If your skin is oily and shiny, we have a few things to help. Firstly, find a non-comedogenic moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores. Second, stop wearing make-up with heavy oils in it, if you wear any at all. Third, drink plenty of water and cut out anything greasy from your diet. Finally, try not to touch your face too much – which only transfers more oil into the pores – and wash hands before touching one’s face after cooking.

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